7 Tips for Reconnecting with Your Partner

March 14, 2016

7 Tips For Reconnecting With Your Partner

If you are in a long-term relationship, it is not uncommon for you and your partner to experience periods of waxing and waning sexual frequency. A considerable hiatus can occur in any couple’s sexual relationship, and sometimes it can last months or even years. But there are ways to get busy in the bedroom and rekindle sexually with your mate, no matter how long it’s been. Here are 7 tips for reconnecting with your partner.


  1. Taking a Romantic Getaway

Whether you’re curled up in front of a fire on a bearskin rug in Aspen or soaking up the rays along a sun-kissed beach in the Caribbean, a change of scenery is sometimes all it takes to get the sexual juices flowing. Consider booking a romantic couples’ getaway for a week or just a weekend to heat things up between the sheets.

  1. Remove Communication Barriers

There’s definitely something to be said about the idea of “connect first and communicate second.” But if you’ve been in a lull for a while, there may be some things you or your partner need to say in order to feel like you can reconnect sexually again.

Whether it’s an unresolved argument or certain libido killing stressors, it’s critical to reserve a time and place to have an open conversation. Wherever you feel the most comfortable is where the talking should take place.

  1. Spice Things Up

They say variety is the spice of life. But if you’ve been doing it missionary since day one, both of you may have gotten a bit bored. Try different techniques in the bedroom to invigorate your sexual spark, such as different methods of foreplay, new uncharted sexual positions, or even introducing a sexy gift of adult toys into the mix. Just remember to have a conversation before you try anything new so that you can establish boundaries and comfort levels with your partner.

  1. A Meal for Two

Sometimes, all you need to get into the mood is a succulent home-cooked meal and a bottle of wine. If you have kids, send them to the sitter and reserve a romantic date night at home. Cook up something really intoxicating, such as tender steak or a natural aphrodisiac food such as raw oysters. The perfect pairing to a romantic meal is a lush bottle of sexy wine.

  1. Increase Touch

You don’t necessarily have to dive into the sack for a great love making session. Sometimes, the easiest way to sexually reconnect is to increase your level of physical intimacy. Be more vigilant about touching your partner daily. Whether it’s simply holding their hand while watching a movie or giving them an erotic massage, it’s amazing how much the body awakens under the slightest graze of a hand.

  1. Spoiling Sessions

This tip is as simple as the name implies. You and your mate take turns gifting each other with uninterrupted blocks of time where you deepen your physical and sexual intimacy. It’s an exercise where you simultaneously practice being selfish, while also explicitly asking for what you want.

Not only will a spoiling session get you two into the mood, but it’s also a comfort zone stretch for a lot of people. Many folks aren’t used to asking for what they exactly want in the bed. So be sure to be patient and loving with both yourself and your spouse while doing this exercise.

  1. Dirty Literature

The mind is a very powerful tool. And when your brain gets sexually aroused, the body will follow suite. Take turns reading erotica in the bedroom or watch some adult movies together. The visual and mental stimulation of sex is sure to put both of you in a randy mood.

Reconnecting with your partner doesn’t have to be expensive or even require a lot of planning. Giving your lover your undivided attention, setting aside time just for them and offering a caring touch are great places to start to fan the flames of desire.

Cheers to wine & passion!