Adult Gifts: 5 Sexy Presents for Her

November 21, 2016

The Pleasure of Precision

Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator

Happy Bitch Pink Chardonnay

The ultra-sensitive nature of the clitoris means that sometimes intense contact provided by some adult gifts can be overwhelming. But have no fear, this amazing toy uses indirect stimulation to create mind-blowing arousal. The Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator applies pulsating waves of suction-based pleasure when placed precisely over the intended area. Eight speeds of intensity allow the ergonomic silicone heads to deliver uniquely exquisite orgasms that do not require direct contact or penetration. 

Suggested Wine Pairing: Happy Bitch Pink Chardonnay


A Suggestive Accessory

 Bewitched 2013 Chardonnay

An exciting part of soft bondage is disguising covert seduction in plain sight. The Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Gold Chain Whip Necklace is an elegant accoutrement with duality of purpose. What serves as a stylish compliment to evening attire can at any moment become a subtle implement of foreplay. Use it to tease the object of your lust  — to draw them in close and then slowly amplify your appeal until they are drenched in desire.  

Suggested Wine Pairing: Bewitched Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Stylish Delight

Jopen Callie Vibrating Mini WandNaked Winery Climax Red Blend Zinfandel Syrah and Tempranillo   

Ivory white and silicone-smooth to the touch, the Jopen Callie Vibrating Mini Wand delivers seven pulsating speeds of magical pleasure controlled from a gold and gemstone accented base. This mini vibe is compact, and ergonomically designed for maximum appeal. An ideal adult gift for the tasteful gal on the go who always makes time for herself and loves an exciting new discovery.

Suggested Wine Pairing: Naked Winery Climax Red Blend Zinfandel, Syrah and Tempranillo

Untamed Imagination

Juliette Cuffs De Luxe

Promisqous Red Table Wine

Fetish, fashion and myriad possibilities await when the Juliette Cuffs De Luxe inspire her to accessorize her wild side without restraining her desires. These crystal-encrusted drapes of 100% silk offer six feet of pink possibilities. She can use them for intricate knots or fashion them as a blindfold, an attractive sash, a provocative choker, an alluring necktie or attractive bracelets. The functions are flexible to change that simply depends on the whims of the wearer.

Suggested Wine Pairing: PromisQous Red Table Wine

A Water Nymph’s Nirvana

Femme Funn Ultra Bullet Massager Vibrator

Happy Bitch Rose

An excellent gift for gals who love water play, the Femme Funn Ultra Bullet Massager Vibrator lets her enjoy powerful vibrations in the shower or the tub — above and below the surface. This is one of the most powerful mini massagers, and is made of 100% silicone — inside and out. A total of 20 different speeds offer plenty of pulsations to fit every mood from mellow to mental. This soft, compact and sleek adult gift is powered up by a USB charging dock, and awaits her next dousing that is steamy with desire.

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