Adult Store Detour: How to Break Routine by Introducing Adult Toys into a Relationship

July 27, 2016

Enhanced Intimacy and Pleasure  

Adult Store Detour: How to Break Routine by Introducing Adult Toys into a Relationship

Adult Store Detour: How to Break Routine by Introducing Adult Toys into a Relationship

As a sexual being seeking fulfillment, it is natural to be intrigued by the excitement and breadth of pleasure accessible through a simple visit to an adult store. Familiarity between partners can cause some of the initial thrills of attraction to even out to normal levels. This should by no means spell out the end of the fun and excitement. Complacency can be easily overcome by learning to experience pleasure from a variety of sources. You can utilize the trust you have developed with your partner to realize profound states of ecstasy by enhancing sex with adult accessories.



Obstacles are Opportunities

For some people, the idea of introducing adult toys into the bedroom presents an issue: your partner is not receptive, and may even be resisting for a number of reasons. Rather than seeing this as an obstacle blocking your progress on the path to pleasure, you can treat it as an opportunity to initiate constructive communication, to gain a deeper understanding of your partner and to eventually guide them through an experience they will thank you for.

Discover the Source

Some adult toys are designed for self-pleasure, yet many are versatile enough to be simultaneously enjoyed by couples. There is also a category of accessories that are specifically designed to enhance the mutual pleasure of both partners during sex. When you desire to revel in the delights available at an adult store and your partner does not, it is important to develop a strategy that will allow both of you to discover exactly what the problem is. As you’ll probably find out, the hesitation has little to do with the actual toys and mostly to do with outdated beliefs based on misinformation, fear and shame.   

Communication is Key

Discussing the subject of sex toys with a bashful or uptight partner calls for a diplomatic approach. It stands to reason that they enjoy the physical delights of sex, so this fact can be used as a stepping off point. It is crucial to help an apprehensive partner understand that the role of adult toys in sex is not to diminish the fundamental importance of their presence. Rather, the toys are there to magnify the allure and to help turn up the heat between the two of you. When you explain the use of toys in terms of what they stand to gain from the experience, putting their pleasure first — they can start seeing the idea as an invitation rather than a confrontation. Raunchy teenage party movies have foisted a negative stigma onto sex toys as a whole, and the mere mention of such can cause a knee jerk reaction of snickering locker room blather from the uninformed. A great way to circumvent this is to pick specific types of toys designed for couples and to patiently explain to your partner the pleasurable effects they will experience by using them. Then, you can continue to elaborate on how the experience will be enhanced — and ultimately how mutual gain awaits you both.

To Reassure is to Ensure

The sensitivity of the ego is deceptively brittle, especially when it comes to sexual proficiency. If you crave the shared experience of pleasure with sex toys, you may be hindered by the fact that your partner thinks that a trip to the adult store is wrong. It is your job to assuage these notions at inception before they become roadblocks by reassuring them that they are perfect, that you love them for who they are, and that the whole reason for this adult toy business is to enhance pleasure for both of you.  

Show Them the Light

People craving sexual liberation and fulfillment often wrestle with a formidable obstacle from their past. Some conservative religious beliefs teach that sex is bad and the human body is dirty. You may have a partner who is still affected by some of these ideas due to the fact that such beliefs were ferociously ingrained in them at an early age. Often times, the repressed are attracted to adventurous people because deep down they want to be led from beneath the shadow of shame into the light of fulfillment, but they are hung up on just how to take that first step. A trip to the adult store is a great way to initiate the conversation about enhanced sex through the pleasure provided by adult toys and accessories. The best thing about helping a shy partner to learn about what their adventurous selves really desire, is that shopping can be done from the privacy of home by visiting online adult store websites like Soon they will discover that adult toy use is common with ever-increasing popularity, and that many of these accessories are high-level ergonomic designs made by innovative geniuses with one thing in mind: helping people experience sexual fulfillment.

On to the Buffet of Delights

Up! Spice It Up Couples Ring

Up! Spice It Up Couples Ring

Once you have helped your partner overcome their apprehension towards sex toys, it’s time to go shopping. An online adult store such as carries an impressive breadth of exciting choices for couples. There are handles and foot rests for making shower sex safe and easy, vibrating love rings take penetration-based pleasure to mind-blowing frequencies and wireless massagers make intense pleasure a possibility wherever and whenever necessary. Couples attracted to kinky play will find an arousing array of bondage gear and playful restraints, while hobbyists will be delighted by a bevy of adult games designed to take quality time between partners to a whole new dimension.          

Don’t Forget the Vino

As you and your newly liberated partner commence into adult play with sex toys, remember to ease into the experience with the right mindset. An excellent way of doing this is to share a glass of velvety wine while preparing to revel in one another’s undivided attention. As a prelude to intimacy, it says: “this is quality time together and our special way of reconnecting.” Just remember that with wine, moderation is key for affecting ample relaxation that leads to the experience of maximum pleasure. To celebrate the significance of the occasion, try setting the mood with an appropriately named bottle of Foreplay ChardonnayMonogamy Cabernet Sauvignon or Happy Bitch Sauvignon Blanc. Sexy wine and adult toys and accessories make great combinations, that’s why Vibe Wines™ specializes in Sexy Pairings™ — creative gift sets designed for passion, pleasure and fun.

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