Bachelor Party Ideas and Gifts

May 12, 2016

Bachelor Party Ideas and Gifts


So your best buddy is about to get hitched, tie the knot, take the plunge, jump the broom and buy the cow. Yes, another one bites the dust and it’s your job to make sure he leaves the single life with a bang. Being the clever friend that you are, the standard canon of bachelor party ideas simply won’t do. You’re an original guy and the groom-to-be deserves more than just a hangover and an empty wallet. It’s time to get creative, use a little imagination and show your progressive-minded chum a time he will never forget rather than an evening he has to struggle to remember.


Time to Rewrite the Rules

Traditionally, bachelor party ideas lean towards debauchery and juvenile behavior. There is a thought revolution among men, however, that recognizes the regressive nature of taboo traditions and booze binging and subscribes to a more constructive mindset. Consider dismissing activities that are likely to upset the relationship between the bride and groom and instead, embrace ideas that will engage friends in a collective challenge and deepen the bonds of trust and friendship.

Take the Collective Plunge

Bachelor Party Ideas and Gifts - Skydiving

Bachelor Party Ideas and Gifts – Skydiving

The exhilaration of jumping from the open door of an airplane is compounded by the excitement of doing so with some good friends. Chances are, most if not all guys in the group will not be certified to jump on their own. But, the universal availability of tandem jump skydiving companies makes a group jump one of the most accessible, albeit extreme bachelor party ideas. Anyone able to muster the will to suit up and get into the plane can plummet towards the earth with an expert strapped to their back who will take care of all the important stuff like getting you out into the air, pulling the ripcord and steering the canopy to a safe landing. If your best buddy has no aversion to heights but skydiving doesn’t make the cut, consider bungee jumping, or hang gliding.

The adrenaline rush will have the lot of you chattering like monkeys for hours afterwards, at which time you could present the groom and company with a bubbly toast of Chateau Diana Sparkling Moscato or some robust sips of the appropriately named Chateau Diana Risk Taker Red.     

More Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas  

Some guys love a good challenge but would prefer to stay in contact with the ground. If the groom is an excitement junkie with vertigo then an afternoon on the raging rapids could be the perfect recipe for a great time. Most weddings take place in the spring or the summer, at which time the winter snow melt is in effect and the rivers are at their fullest and most exciting.

You may even consider a simple afternoon of fishing at his favorite secret spot or a road trip to experience some new cities may fit the bill.

All occasions call for refreshments, so while you are being original consider supplying the shindig with wine in addition to beer. A few bottles of Naked Winery 2013 Penetration Cabernet Sauvignon or 2013 Naked on Roller Skates Shiraz and Mataro will provide thoughtfully named libations for a once-in-a-lifetime event.  

OK, But If You Must …

So the groom-to-be is a wild and crazy guy you say? Perhaps, with the blessing of his sweetheart, he insists on the strip club experience. If this is the case, as the best man it is your job to indulge him but at least do so with one caveat: insist that he revel in his big night by acting like the responsible fool that he is.

Following strip club etiquette is essential. Know the rules of the club about touching and tipping as they vary from club to club. How you dress is important and the party should present themselves in a respectful manner or you could be asked to leave, which would be a major buzz kill. Dress nicely and be clean for goodness sake. Go with plenty of cash and make sure to tip the girls for each song that they dance to according to the club’s policies. Be a gentleman and pass on a lap dance with a simple “No, thank you.”  Have fun and keep it classy so there are no incidents or regrets!

This sort of an outing definitely calls for aptly themed party favors for the groom and all of his friends. Make sure each guy gets a male pleasure toy to commemorate the event like a Mood Exciter Sleeve or an OMAN Challenge Vibrating Ring.   

Shop Outside the Box

While a tupperware party-like gathering of guys opening presents of a sexually intimate nature is decidedly NOT the best of bachelor party ideas, you should still present the man of the hour with some useful goodies when the shenanigans are over. This is where gifts like male pleasure toyscleverly named sexy wines and games for couples come into play. You can also do your buddy and his bride-to-be a huge favor by sending him into marriage with a few educational resources. 269 Amazing Sex Tricks and Tips for Him is a wellspring of information that they both can appreciate while Anything for You Erotica for Kinky Couples can introduce the newlyweds to the fulfilling world of fantasy play. Some fittingly named wines are also great gifts for the occasion such as Naked Winery 2014 Sure Thing Symphony and Naked Winery 2014 Foreplay Chardonnay.

Put it All Together

You can express your affinity for the groom and wish him and his future wife the very best with a Sexy Pairings™ gift package comprised of adult toyssexy wines and intimate accessoriesVibe Wines™ is a helpful online source for bachelor party ideas and gifts that will make the event memorable, special and thoughtfully fitting for the groom.