How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party Celebration

January 03, 2016

Well, there you are — the big day is right around the corner and the esteemed task of planning the bachelorette party has been bestowed upon you. Regardless of how much notice you’ve been given, this event will come up on the calendar fast so it’s important that you get to planning right away.

There’s no shortage of bachelorette party ideas to be had, so with the right strategy you can create a definitive plan full of fun, surprises and festivities. There are four main guidelines to stick to when orchestrating the ultimate night of fun for your number one gal pal: planning, communication, imagination and a sense of adventure.

1. Interview

Sit down with the bride-to-be and ask her flat out what she wants to happen and who she wants to share it with. If it’s a wild and crazy time she craves, then you need to know to what degree and if it’s a mellow evening with close friends, well, that is crucial information as well. Either way this is a bachelorette party, so varying degrees of silliness and craziness are expected — otherwise what’s the point, right? Once you know which direction to take, you can rely on fun party games and unique accessories to supply the subtle surprises.

2. Map Out the Details

Set a date within a week or two of the wedding, preferably on a Friday or a Saturday night. If the bachelorette party is going to entail a night on the town, it’s important to create an itinerary that includes the date, point of origin, transportation, reservations and destinations. The starting point needs to be specified by address and time, while the transportation (limo or shuttle service) should be noted by company name as should the restaurant, bar or nightclub destinations.
If this is going to be a stationary gathering — you will need to determine what sort of entertainment is happening whether it’s ribald dancing strangers, karaoke or simply someone’s iPad with a stellar playlist.
Next, you’ll need to pick out appropriate refreshments and fun party favors while considering what sorts of games and activities can be enjoyed.

3. Communicate with Care

Call as far in advance as possible to book transportation and dinner reservations, to procure show tickets and to book private entertainment. Transportation is especially key here, as adult beverages are usually an integral part of a bachelorette party. Be sure to have a reputable company dedicated to serving your party that night, or a reliable car service that can be ready to pick up the gang on short notice. Of all your bachelorette party ideas that need to be rock solid, transportation is number one. A bunch of bewildered and dolled-up ladies wandering around a busy downtown area on a weekend night looking for a lift should not ever be part of the scenario. Be sure to call a week in advance of the date to make sure your reservations are still set.

4. Broadcast the Itinerary

The list of invitees should be notified with a save the date invitation at least three weeks prior to the bachelorette party. This will include the meeting time and place as well as a general idea of what the evening will entail so that everyone can dress appropriately.

5. Order Your Party Supplies

Whether it’s a house party or a traveling circus, you will need the traditional bachelorette tiara and veil so that the lady of honor can be distinguished throughout the night. You can make it easy for the girls to show that they are part of the exclusive entourage with a set of Team Bride ribbons and matching red garter belts.
Forget boring generic wine as refreshments — set the festive mood with some wild labels like Happy Bitch Rose or Naked Winery 2014 Booty Call Blush.

When it comes to party favors and games, a set of Bachelorette Dares Game Cards are an ideal activity for either a house party or a gang on the go. If present company is definitively open and adventurous, you can even arrange to get a personal pleasure product or two for each of the guests to take home. While you’re at it, be sure to get something really wild for the bride-to-be that she will never forget and that will help turn an epic night into a lasting memory.

6. Confirm and Debrief

The day before the bachelorette party, get together with the bride and give her the rundown of the following evening’s itinerary. You don’t have to tell her everything, mind you, especially about the fun party accessories you have planned. Just make sure there is nothing that could cause a major objection. Once you have her blessing, make one last round of phone calls to confirm transportation, reservations and entertainment. It’s going to be an awesome night, no wonder you were picked for the job!


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