Benefits of Masturbation: Five Reasons to Embrace a Healthy Habit

July 16, 2016

A Beneficial Interest With a Bad Rap

Benefits of Masturbation: Five Reasons to Embrace a Healthy Habit

Benefits of Masturbation: Five Reasons to Embrace a Healthy Habit

The mindset of 21 century Western society is finally starting to accept the fact that there are numerous benefits of masturbation. Nonetheless, the act was not always a welcome subject for casual conversation. In fact, many who spent time in the mid to late part of the previous century might recall that a profoundly taboo stigma was attached to the very idea of self gratification. Those who dared test fate and engage in the forbidden, however, soon discovered that these myths were indeed works of fiction and that contrarily, there were quite a few benefits of masturbation.


Enhanced Self-Love

Self-reliance and happiness have a profound correlation. Progressive thinking accepts the idea that personal fulfillment is nobody’s job but yours — sexually and otherwise. Your ability to satisfy your own sexual desires translates to other areas in your life. If you are willing to give your libido the attention it desires when a partner is not available, you are more likely to meet other personal ambitions when it comes to career, lifestyle and leisure. Nobody is going to make you successful, happy and relaxed. These states of being rely on the choices you make. Learning to see masturbation as an integral part of self love rather than a shameful act to be ridiculed and partaken of in denial is an indication that in the grand scheme of things, you are on a healthy path of fulfillment. Modern technology has risen to meet this notion, by enabling the creation of an impressive array of adult toys with finely-tuned ergonomic designs for women and men that enhance the benefits of masturbation.

Better Sex with Your Partner

Pleasing yourself when your body desires that you do so helps you to gain a deeper understanding of your sexuality. Sure, it’s one thing to understand when you are turned on and when you are not. It’s another matter entirely to begin examining the subtleties of what turns you on and what turns you off, and to understand the different stages of pleasure that lead to climax. As we know, sex does not begin with a kiss and then end two minutes later with an orgasm. There are multiple levels of pleasure — from arousal to excitement to passion to ecstasy and many more in between. The best low-pressure way to examine all of these stages of sex thoroughly is through masturbation. One of the many benefits of masturbation is pinpointing which of these areas work best for you, figuring out how to get there, how to stay there, and then how to progress to climax as you please. One of the best ways to do this is with the aid of adult toys created with the exact purpose of making “me” time as exquisite as possible. That way, when you get with a partner a lot of the guesswork has been eliminated and, to a degree, some of the awkwardness and confusion that come with understanding your individual sexuality. Since you have taken the time to get to know yourself, you are better equipped to communicate your desires to your partner and to be receptive when they open up to you about what they enjoy.

Safety First

Masturbation is the number one, sure fire, guaranteed, bona fide way to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Settling for sex with a stranger when you are between relationships because you are ashamed to masturbate can have dire consequences. It really is important to gather some information about who you choose to shack up with before hand. Some STDs, although manageable, are usually lifelong passengers — placing you in the ungainly position of having to inform your future partner(s) of your condition. Thankfully, there are adult accessories created specifically to make masturbation not only fulfilling, but fun, highly pleasurable and virtually risk-free. If you are a woman you can choose from any number of vibrating toys designed to help you achieve that apex of bliss at whatever pace you choose. There are also vibrators that function discreetly, so you can experience the pleasurable benefits of masturbation wherever and whenever you like. For guys, to quote a famous rock lyric: ‘the stroke’s the word.” Strokers and sleeves turn your alone time into quality “me” time, allowing you to satisfy your libido so that you can continue your day without being distracted by an unsatisfied sex drive.

Stress Relief

The modern world is evolving dynamically. As attitudes change for the better about self-gratification, so too are the levels of function we expect from ourselves based on fictional social norms depicted in mainstream media. Juggling work, relationships, family and finances stirs up a whirlwind that ultimately twists into a condition called stress. A sexual climax, self induced or otherwise, results in a flood of neurotransmitters being released by your brain. When the Oxytocin and Dopamine are secreted by the hypothalamus, the result is relaxation and a general sense of well being. Also, the intensity of an orgasm is such that you are forced to abandon all other concerns — even if it is for just a minute or two. When consensual sex is not an option and you’ve had a rough day, try taking just a few minutes to unwind and get to a better place mentally and emotionally. One of the benefits of masturbation is that you don’t need a partner or permission. All you need is a little privacy and perhaps the help of an adult toy designed for a woman’s pleasure or an accessory created specifically for guys.

Improved Reproductive Health

The benefits of masturbation translate to the physical health spectrum as well. Women experiencing premenstrual symptoms can find relief from the pain through self gratification. Additionally, sex with a partner during menstruation can be less than ideal — making masturbation an excellent alternative for a libido that just can’t wait. Self pleasure for women also serves to strengthen vaginal muscles due to the contractions that occur with orgasm. There are women’s accessories specifically designed for this purpose to be used in conjunction with self exploration and an exercise practice known as Kegels. Strong vaginal muscles translate to more intense orgasms. The more toned tissue is present — the more muscle mass contracts upon climax and is flooded with pleasure hormones.

Men can utilize the benefits of masturbation for better prostate health. It is a medical fact that men who ejaculate regularly have a much lower probability of developing prostate cancer. This literally changes the lens through which you might view adult toys for guys. Not only are they designed for pleasure, but they are an integral part of health and longevity.

Masturbation is a positive, healthy and normal part of human life. It is important to view it as such, so that you can experience the benefits of masturbation as frequent and as joyfully as possible.

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