Body Language and Intimacy: The Importance of Nonverbal Communication Between Partners

July 31, 2016

Nonsexual Touching and Eye Contact Play Key Roles in Healthy Relationships  

Body Language and Intimacy: The Importance of Nonverbal Communication Between Partners

Body Language and Intimacy: The Importance of Nonverbal Communication Between Partners

There is a silent vocabulary at use in the world of intimacy known as body language. It is the fundamental means through which partners communicate with one another — both consciously and subconsciously. The most intense dialects of this quiet correspondence are the many variances of physical touch and the significant powers of eye contact. Both are crucial for positive communication and when absent, the negative effects are readily apparent.


The Essence of Body Talk

Quite often, people disguise their true thoughts and feelings when communicating verbally. Concealing your sentiments and emotions through stifled body language and shifting glances, however, is not as easy as simply telling a fib. This is why disharmony in relationships manifests in physical distance, lack of eye contact and ultimately — absence of intimacy. Physical mannerisms are ever prevalent in your waking life, and they tell people around you how you feel about them and about yourself. These movements are extensions of your emotions, and they come into microscopic focus when you touch your partner — even in a nonsexual way. Rather than succumbing to the impending trouble heralded by a lack of positive physical touch, it is possible to use the power of nonverbal communication to your advantage. You can proactively maintain the connection with your partner through deliberate practice of reassuring touch and eye-to-eye gazing.    

The Power of Contact

The first faculty of perception developed in the womb is the sense of touch. It is a fundamental way of perceiving the physical world, and has a direct and unfiltered link to the conscious and subconscious minds. As the saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If this is indeed true, then the the phrase “a touch transcends a thousand words” surely holds similar sway. Results of a recent study conducted by psychologists at Depauw University demonstrate that blindfolded subjects could detect, with 78% accuracy, specific emotions conveyed through touch including happiness, sadness, sympathy, gratitude, anger, disgust, love and fear. This is proof that the subtleties of body language are discernable on an minute level, and the ways that two people interact physically in a nonsexual manner speak volumes about how they feel about one another. This is why it is important to be aware of where your mind is at when you touch your partner outside of intimacy. If they are worth your time, then they deserve the best — so positive thinking translates to positive touch, regardless of whether you are making a meal together, watching fireworks or simply rearranging the living room. Obviously, if you have no good thoughts about your partner, then there is nothing to be leveraged into positive touch and perhaps it is time to examine the relationship in a harsher light.

Look into the Windows  

The majority of the population agrees that the sense of sight is the most powerful of the five faculties. If a single image says a thousand words, then the significance of a spirited stare, look or glance from a partner speaks volumes. The infamous words of the philosopher Khalil Gibran say it well: “You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts … and in much of your talking, thinking is half murdered.” Plainly put, the more you talk the less you say. That’s why eye contact without the distraction of dialogue is so powerful. Ocular movement and eye contact operate on a particularly palpable frequency of body language — especially between partners. A momentary glance can convey a diverse array of sentiments including approval, concern, affection, mischief, compassion, intimacy, alarm, anger, deceit, distrust, loathing and many, many more.

A current report posted on Psychology Today by Adrian Furnham, Ph.D. cites findings on the study of eye gaze between partners. It states that “The amount and type of eye gaze imparts a great deal of information” and “People look at those they like more than those they do not,” as well as “Lovers really do gaze more into each other’s eyes.” This indicates that if there is little eye contact between you and your significant other, the relationship might be in trouble. On the contrary, you can exploit this by remembering to glance into your partner’s eyes often, especially if and even when there is nothing verbal that needs to be said. With this practice comes the responsibility of being aware of your mindset when sharing eye contact. It can’t always be happiness and joy between lovers and that is OK. But, since the eyes rarely lie you’ll be sharing your emotional state with more frequency and honesty.    

Utilize for the Greater Good

Given the evident powers of touch and sight, it is possible to fortify your relationship by being conscious of both in everyday scenarios. Awareness of your body language, especially in a kinesthetic capacity can develop harmony between partners through the frequent reassurance of positive touch. Becoming conscious of what kind of eye contact you make and how often it happens can lead to better overall communication and more accessible levels of intimacy.

Transitional Body Language

Fortify a relationship with the power of touch.

Fortify a relationship with the power of touch.

From Casual Connection to Intimate Bonding   

There are many levels of partner interconnection that lead from everyday situations to pinnacle moments of intimacy. Touching and eye contact can be precursors to fulfillment, as they are interpersonal skills that work best when kept healthy through regular use.

From Touch to Caress

Partners who touch frequently in the way of hand holding, arm-in-arm walking, standing close to one another and giving each other foot rubs and back massages are better prepared to go from a casual caress to passionate petting. When the time comes to unwind together after a long day, it helps to have the assistance of specifically designed massaging accessories and perhaps a touch of organic massage oil. These can lead to deeper levels of interplay that can be further enhanced by learning the secrets of erotic massage.

Closing the Gap

Regular eye contact makes it possible for an extended glance to turn into a deep gaze. From here, imagine gravitating towards one another, clasping hands, touching foreheads and then easing into soft kissing. This vision-inspired foreplay can extend for as long as you like before diving into impassioned love making. In this instance, enticing winesfringed adult accessories and playful paddles sit at the ready to help you go from an ordinary afternoon to an extraordinary evening. You can even elect to surprise your partner with a Sexy Pairing™ that includes sexy wines, adult toys and intimate accessories that help set the stage for an adventure the two of you won’t soon forget.

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