Committed Relationships: How to Embrace Fidelity and Avoid Stagnation

February 12, 2017

Monogamy Does Not Equate Monotony

Committed Relationships: How to Embrace Fidelity and Avoid Stagnation

Committed relationships based on fidelity present a specific set of challenges for couples who cherish excitement, variety and physical fulfillment. If you and your partner are dedicated to one another exclusively, at some point the two of you may find yourselves considering ways to create a rewarding dynamic that is not hindered by codependence, stagnation and mistrust. Long-term relationships can be an abounding source of inspiration, support and happiness to be cherished rather than dreaded.

To paraphrase John Lennon — perhaps you’re a dreamer, but you’re not the only one. Plenty of couples enjoy monogamy through the deliberate practice of establishing and respecting personal boundaries while exploring realms of ecstasy and pleasure together.   


You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness

Happiness within your committed relationship occurs when you and your partner accept responsibility for your own internal reactions to the external world. If you choose to interpret life’s ugliness by becoming unpleasant yourself, there is nothing under the sun your partner can do to reverse that condition.

Ultimately, you have to surrender to the notion that there are many events that you simply can not control. The one thing you do have jurisdiction over is how you let negative circumstances affect you. If you had a lousy day, your partner can certainly console you and make it clear that they are emotionally available, but the internal distinction between dark and light must be made and maintained through your own conscious effort.

Making your happiness entirely dependent on the words and actions of your partner is a common form of codependency, which usually gives way to resentment that eventually leads to strife. Mutually agreeing to take authority over your own internal state of being sets the stage to enjoy one another’s company in a private state of harmony you create and maintain together.

Cultivating a Potpourri     

As a human being you are a creature of habit, and without intentional awareness of this tendency you and your partner can slip into a routine. This can transform the once-exciting activity of sex into a ho-hum pastime rather than the zesty zenith of your day. Thankfully, there are an abundance of ways for partners to forgo the lockstep into stagnation, and rather, embark on a journey of excitement and discovery. If you and your partner are set on monogamy, a great way to empower this choice is to learn deeper ways of enjoying one another’s company — to shift your focus from the traditional and open up to the avant-garde.   

Fun and Games

You and Me Game

You and Me Game

You and your partner can set out to expand your repertoire from standard foreplay and vanilla intercourse to random naughtiness and sex in unpredictable scenarios. This is a winning strategy for spicing things up and elevating the mercury level from balmy to red hot. Leading brands such as Cosmopolitan Magazine and Kheper Games offer exciting platforms of interaction that practically eradicate the potential for stagnation. These games take the guesswork out of romantic variety and place you and your partner in engaging dynamics that are mentally and physically, well … “stimulating” to say the least. Imagine building trust while playing a Fifty Shades of Grey themed game and exploring the worlds of soft bondagerole playing and sensual massage that can infinitely expand the dimensions of intimacy.   

Accentuate with Accessories

Broadening the private horizons in your committed relationship sometimes means opening up to the idea of accessorizing. The vast majority of adult pleasure products are dreamed up, developed and improved upon with the sole purpose of enhancing the enjoyment of sexual experiences. Lubricantvibrating implementspleasure rings and soft bondage kits allow partners to turn ideas of heightened sensory immersion and toy-assisted orgasm into immediate and fascinating realities. With the help of a few cleverly crafted items, you can transform intimate situations into exceptional adventures of emotional and carnal fulfillment. Not sure where to start? Entire pleasure kits for couples known as Sexy Pairings™ are available that include sleeves, rings, multi-speed vibrators, bullets, feather ticklers, satin masks, lubricant and love coupons paired with appropriately named bottles of sexy wine.  

Partners who learn to guide one another through enhanced sexual gratification are making time and trust investments in monogamy. In a world of distractions and diversions, this is a deliberate way of maintaining a successful long-term relationship by focusing on constructive, joyful interaction. This fosters self-reliance, builds interpersonal trust and strengthens the intimate bond — dynamics that ultimately lead to the long-term survival of a committed relationship.

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