Daring Date Night Accessories and Sexy Wines

April 19, 2017

Date night is an exhilarating event — an opportunity to be daring, to take chances and to create an altogether unforgettable experience.   

Daring Date Night Accessories and Sexy Wines

The nature of date night indicates that you will be the recurring focus of his undivided attention. Captivate him completely by donning sparkling hints of intimate naughtiness and pouring him sensuous sips of sexy wine. The evening’s scenery will awaken every time you saunter through a room in your curve enhancing, pulse raising, eyebrow elevating accessories. Your soft-bondage accouterments may even spark double takes — making spectators wonder what you’re up to behind closed doors. What’s more, these dynamics will inspire the profound elements of his character to step forth, so that he may earn an invitation to accompany you into the wee hours.  


From Collar to Cuff

The neck and wrists are prime fixation points for those with a penchant for soft bondage. Choreograph your date night into intimate seduction with accessories that say class with a bit of BDSM attitude. Desir Metallique Collar Jewelry adorns you in an elegant metallic sparkle that meets at a center point in front and extends downward in contour-enhancing curves. Meanwhile, the Desir Metallique Mesh Handcuffs Jewelry grip your wrists in mesh-like magic. This suggestive spell can extend between each cuff-like bracelet with an optional gold chain, while attaching to the arm-length leads of the neckwear.   


Centerline Accentuation

Leadable fashion and caressable function come together in the Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Gold Chain Necklace Whip. The relaxed necklace strands converge into a terse golden wand that extends into a decorative, brush-like tip. You can furtively tease throughout the date night, and alas, let him clasp the end of the playful ornament while coaxing you to the evening’s climax in the boudoir.

Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Gold Chain Necklace Whip

Seductive Style

Activate your date’s attention and ignite his desire by adding glint and glimmer to the undulation of your hips. As he becomes increasingly hypnotized throughout the evening, you can heighten his anticipation by daring him to imagine what you might look like wearing the Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Gold Chain Waist Jewelry and nothing else. Later in private, you can satisfy his visions by presenting yourself in this reversible piece worn as a decorative top or an irresistibly accentuating waist ornament.



Flirting with Diversity  

Imagination fuels attraction, and you can challenge your date night creativity with multiple manipulations of the Juliette Cuffs DeLuxe. These decorative fuchsia ribbons feature a Swarovski Crystal-encrusted band at the center that can serve as a waist-level focal point, a wrist ornament or even a headpiece. Alternately, these drapes can be fashioned into cuffs, blindfolds or restraints for soft, silky, elegant play. 

Juliette Cuffs de Lux


Invisible Foreplay    

Spin a mischievous twist on date night sexual tension by cranking up the desire in secret. You can empower your companion with the gift of remotely stimulating you through the clever ingenuity of the Tantric Panty Vibrator. Observant friends may take note of the “electric” connection between you and your date, which may explain why the two of you left a bit earlier than expected … and in quite a hurry.

Tantric Panty Vibrator

Enchanting Overtones

Whether toasting at the onset of the evening or clinking glasses as the final chapter begins, 2013 Bewitched Russian River Valley Chardonnay offers deep, luxurious flavors with a finishing hint of spice. A perfect way to celebrate the zesty, expressive, romantic nature of date night. This treasure of the Sonoma County Russian River Valley is a sexy representative of California’s premier region for chardonnay.  

Bewitched 2013 Chardonnay

Finale of Fulfillment

After a date night of covert flirting, secret teasing and subtle seduction, the nightcap should be abundant with playful notes of blackberry, baking spice and sage. Vibe Wines 2015 Sultry Seduction Syrah compliments the excitement of attraction with a lush and fruity bouquet and a rich, satisfying finish. Your elaborate strategy to inspire him to ask you out, to entice him when he arrives, to excite him throughout the night and to seduce him into your realm is a success … and you both deserve one last sip as you continue on this adventure.


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