Excite Your Summer Nights with Sexy Accessories and Sassy Wines

April 14, 2017

Summer’s arrival means strutting your stuff in sexy accessories, primping for prominence with powder and gloss and championing the chance to enjoy chilled, relaxing refreshments. Another season of parties, festivals, concerts, and multimedia events is here — and so too is your chance to flaunt a bit of style and flair in your quest for fun, adventure and romance. 







Hello Again


The BDSM motif is re-emerging on the fashion forefront — celebrating the aesthetic of harness-like straps worn across complementing garments or almost nothing at all. The Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE H Harness adorns your form with curve-accentuating contrast and head-turning allure. If you’re a vegan-conscious trend setter, you can daringly express your confidence and sensuality in 100% recycled materials. This accessory is ideal for Cosplay conventions, rock shows and electronic dance events.








Decorative Neckwear


The eternal appeal of the choker is a perfect choice for the femme fatale who loves the irresistible effect of soft bondage accessories. You can let a companion tug on the sensual strands — leading you through the crowd as it parts upon your approach. Or, you can gently tease your partner with the vegan-friendly leather tassels in anticipation for what awaits in the privacy of the wee hours. The Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Tassel Choker pairs well with low-cut outfits and sensually expressive occasions.







Off the Cuff


You can publicly express your proclivities for private bondage play with wrist-accentuating faux leather cuffs. The Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Thin Handcuff Bracelets give you stylish swagger that hints at a naughty extracurricular life. The separate straps quickly connect with shiny chain-like hardware so you can be led by your lover past the onlooking throngs and later, gently restrained for soft, sensual play.








Short and Sweet


Express your fetish for hip and thigh accentuation with a set of Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Shorts Garters. You can instantly transform leggings, jeans, capris, shorts or bikini bottoms into components of a racy, soft bondage ensemble. Let your legs do the talking as you saunter from stage to stage, booth to booth, tent to tent and eventually to behind closed doors — where these garters can be gloriously worn with nothing else.







Aromas that Awaken


Announce your arrival to any festive gathering with a bouquet of fragrances emanating from your shimmering skin. Bijoux Indiscrets Body Powder Aphrodisia highlights the dimensions of your kissable curves and crevices with irresistible scents of ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine. Imported from Spain, this glittering powder is to be applied and puffed into place generously for an unmistakably arousing effect. 








Kiss with Confidence

Kama Sutra Lip Fetish Cool Mint

They say show, don’t tell — which applies to fashion and your lips as well. You can steal the spotlight with a glistening, baby-pink pout that looks as electric as it feels. With a quick application of  Kama Sutra Lip Fetish Cool Mint you’ll be tasting as good as you look in a silky-smooth sheen of cool mint that attracts without being sticky.  








A Smiling Varietal

Happy Bitch Rose

A seasonally perfect blend of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir makes the perfect refreshment for summertime festivities. Whether you’re cooking out, staying in or mixing it up with friends, Happy Bitch Rose delivers a fair amount of strawberry, melon and orange blossom sweetness while that the party never gets “too dry.”









Sumptuous Symmetry

Happy Bitch Sauvignon Blanc

On your quest to express your private fetish motifs within your public fashion persona, consider each adventure a valid reason for sipping on some Happy Bitch Sauvignon Blanc. This sexy wine is a perfect balance between crisp tropical notes and soft citrus acidity.   









Delicious Mischief


Soft bondage and intimate play, whether being stylistically expressed, enjoyed with a partner or both — is even better when eased into with the socially lubricating qualities of a sexy wine. Vibe Wines 2015 Naughty Play Chardonnay is the perfect libation for playful adventures.      








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