How to Create an Intensely Intimate Experience for You and Your Partner

December 02, 2015

Quality time is crucial for couples who value human closeness and the innate sense of well-being that comes with it. This usually happens in the way of a quiet dinner, going to the movies or simply taking an evening stroll together. Regardless of the circumstances, there is one element that all three of these activities share – the prevalence of human touch. Tactile sensory stimulation serves as a powerful mode of nonverbal communication, conveying love, compassion, empathy, trust, and affection. A sexy gift for your girlfriend or husband presents an exciting way to experience intimacy that combines touch with taste for an unforgettable evening.


One of the greatest gifts you can give your husband, wife or partner is that of your undivided attention. This means a concentrated, distraction-free fixation upon making them feel loved, cherished and desired. One of the most effective ways to do this is by engaging the power of intimate touch. After dinner, a movie or a stroll around the park, you can plan to immerse your significant other in a thoroughly relaxing experience by setting the mood with a glass of velvety red wine, progressing forward with an intimate massage and then ramping up the excitement with the pleasing sensations of adult toys.

Individually, touch and taste affect pleasure in their own specific ways. Using them in conjunction allows you to create a powerful, intimate experience that is removed from everyday distractions — transporting you and your lover to a place that is impervious to the worries of everyday life; a realm of leisurely eroticism. Sexy Pairings™ of wine and adult pleasure products take the guesswork out of creating these experiences.

The Magic of Wine

The gesture of opening a bottle of wine for a specific occasion tells your partner that this time is special, and you are committed to a measured pace of sharing a special time with them. It is well known that small amounts of wine can have a relaxing and libido enhancing effect. The fact that this is true for women was recently confirmed in Italy by a study performed by doctors at the University of Florence. The results showed that moderate amounts (one to two glasses) of red wine “increases a woman’s desire, lubrication and overall sexual function”. Regardless of the findings, you shouldn’t leave it to the academics to confirm these conclusions, we invite you to open a bottle of sexy wine such as Bewitched or Fifty Shades of Grey, pour yourself and your partner a glass, and see the results for yourself.

The Power of Touch

The skin is your body’s largest organ, making it an incredibly powerful receptor to pleasing stimuli. A study published in 2009 by DePauw University found that specific emotions can be detected and conveyed through touch alone — including love, gratitude and happiness. Such a vital means of contact is the first form of communication we experience as infants, and as adults it plays a crucial role in the soothing and flirting stages of foreplay. A sexy gift for your husband or girlfriend lets you implement the power of tactile sensation with specific intimate touching techniques. Touching erogenous zones such as the neck, chest, thighs, and the back of the legs is a sensual experience for both the giver and the receiver.

The Fascinating Effect of Adult Accessories

Once relaxation has set in and your partner’s erogenous zones are buzzing from sensual caresses and affectionate touch, you can elevate their pleasure even further by introducing an intimate adult accessory into the equation. Just remember to respect your partner’s boundaries and keep all play consensual.

The intense sensations from products such as the Screaming O Soft Touch Bullet Vibrator or the Shibari My Way Wireless Body Wand Massager will ramp up the experience from exciting to absolutely ecstatic. Many products also let you delve into exciting sensory stimulation including silky blindfolds and playful ticklers to awaken sensuality. A 2011 article published by outlines the positive effects of adult toys such as vibrators – explaining that they are largely accepted by women and men and can serve to speed up orgasm and encourage excitement in those who experience low levels of desire.

Keeping the romance alive can be a challenge, but it’s important to work on maintaining the connection that brought you together. Even small romantic gestures like a sexy gift of sharing a glass of wine and a sensuous touch can make a big difference and help you reconnect. Creating a fun and passionate evening doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time. Enjoy this time together that you have been given and have fun! Little things like this can go a long way. specializes in creating sexy gifts that pair select wines with intimate adult pleasure products for an unforgettable experience. We call them Sexy Pairings™. Our pairings make the perfect sexy gifts for bachelorettes, brides-to-be, birthdays, anniversaries or just because you deserve it. Cheers to wine and passion! Please play safe and, as always, drink in moderation.