Mood Music Monday Good Vibes

December 07, 2005

We’re sending good vibes out to the world today on Mood Music Monday. Enjoy this happy house mix with a warm undertone of love from #djmarqesa.

This high quality .WAV file on SoundCloud is 53 minutes of feel good tunes by #StevieNicks, #Kinglande, #SteveAngello, #CleanBandit, #Addal, #ChetFaker, #Huntar, #Wet, #Birdy, and #KingsofLeon.

These songs pair well with a positive attitude, compassion, and the determination that we can make this world a better place. We can all #StartWith1Thing.

Stay tuned for a new mix each week on Monday. In the meantime, cheers to love and happiness!

For more information about DJ Marqesa visit You can also find her original tracks on Bandcamp at

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