Naughty and Nice: Five Gift Ideas for Lovers

November 22, 2016

Overnight Escapades

Jimmy Jane Indulgences Pocket Pleasure Kit

Chateau Diana Candy Babee Riesling

A romantic weekend getaway holds promise aplenty of naughty and nice, especially when you embark on an adventure well equipped. The Jimmy Jane Indulgences Pocket Pleasure Kit includes a compelling array of items that will turn a romantic spark into a wild blaze. A Love Decoder toy determines explicit acts of foreplay while water-based lubricant, a feather tickler, a mini-vibrator and a pair of Durex condoms encourage imagination, exploration and passionate play.

Suggested wine pairing: Chateau Diana Candy Babee Riesling


A Weekend of Intensity  

Kama Sutra Spontaneous Romance Weekender Travel Kit     Naked Winery 2013 Tease Riesling

Sometimes big thrills come in small packages, and the accessories in the Kama Sutra Spontaneous Romance Weekender Travel Kit are perfectly designed for an overnight adventure. The petite-sized portions of Honey Dust, Oil of Love, Pleasure Balm, Love Liquid and Massage Oil contain enough sensual and aromatic variety for hours of intimate caressing and relaxing rubdowns. The feather tickler applies the Honey Dust, and excites sensitive areas in anticipation of deep satisfaction.

Suggested wine pairing: Naked Winery 2013 Tease Riesling

Fulfilling Profanity

The Swear Word Coloring Book

Naked Winery 2014 Booty Call Blush

When it comes to colorful language that makes people laugh, The Swear Word Coloring Book is both naughty and nice. You can enjoy the satisfaction of expressing yourself fully in words not often uttered in public — without getting in trouble. You and your partner can enjoy exquisite hours of explicit profanity detailed in whatever hues you desire. When the outcome is particularly poignant, you can even frame the final work and give it to a friend whom you know shares every detail of the sentiment.

Suggested wine pairing: Naked Winery 2014 Booty Call Blush

Tell Me, Then Show Me

Sensuva XO Kisses and Orgasms Pleasure Kit

Happy Bitch Sauvignon Blanc

For some, there is no aphrodisiac more powerful than whispered words followed by soft, sensual caresses and kisses. The Sensuva XO Kisses and Orgasms Pleasure Kit takes this principle and ramps it up to new degrees of intensity. The Strawberry X On the Lipz Buzzing Lip Balm with Pheromones turns both lover’s kissers into tingling, buzzing conductors of pleasure. Meanwhile, the ON Arousal Oil for Her creates epicenters of electricity in her eager erogenous zone that inspires additional personal lubrication and ultimately, mutual fulfillment.

Suggested wine pairing: Happy Bitch Sauvignon Blanc

Personal Poetry

Bijoux Indiscrets Poeme Body Paint Cherry

Naked Winery 2013 Naked Pinot Noir

The power of words to incite arousal, expand pleasure and inspire ecstasy is a proven testament to the sensual capacities of language and communication. The Bijoux Indiscrets Poeme Body Paint Cherry lets you adorn your muse with descriptive wishes, erotic thoughts and secret desires using the natural feather quill with a soft silicone tip. You can then whisper these naughty and nice phrases, trace them with your tongue, and then transfer their taste to your lover’s lips in a red, sugary kiss.  

Suggested wine pairing: Naked Winery 2013 Naked Pinot Noir is your online solution for adult accessories, intimate books and games, and naughty and nice gifts for any occasion.