Planning a Romantic Getaway: Sexy Ideas for an Incredible Weekend

June 19, 2017

Embarking on romantic weekend getaway is the perfect means for you and your partner to escape routine and experience one another in a variety of exceptional ways. Imagine an immersive experience of aromas,Planning a Romantic Getaway: Sexy Ideas for an Incredible Weekend textures, tastes, sights and sounds designed to excite every sense — empowering you and your lover with an imaginative, rejuvenating reprieve from the norm. Selecting a few adult toys and accessories designed to enhance your experience is the perfect strategy for orchestrating a weekend you won’t soon forget.


Arousing Aromas  

It’s a fact that pheromones play an integral role in physical arousal. One way to set the mood for intimacy is to introduce sensual scents into the air, electrifying the anticipation with fragrances that excite the olfactory sense — sending suggestive signals straight to the brain. Equipping your adventure with some 
Bijoux Indiscrets Body Powder and a LELO Massage Candle will provide the necessary aphrodisiac fragrances to propel your romantic weekend into overdrive. A specifically designed pleasure kit such as the Kama Sutra Spontaneous Romance Weekender Travel Kit includes everything a passionate couple needs to initiate an impromptu pleasure session just about anywhere.

Titillating Textures

Specially designed accessories like the LELO Massage Candle melt into a soothing massage oil with a luxurious texture of vitamin E-rich Shea butter and apricot kernel oil. Caressing your lover’s body should be a sensual as possible for both parties, so packing goodies like Sensuva 
Provocatife Hemp Oil and Pheromone Infused Massage Oil or High Climax Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Stimulating Cream along with the wine and adult toys can guarantee smooth sailing all weekend. Plenty of lubrication is a sexy idea as well, that way if you and your lover want to get carried away with naughty play, the experience with go smoothly.

Foreplay-inspiring Flavors      

The time-tested ritual of two lovers sharing a bottle of wine is an institution for the simple fact that it sets the tone for intimacy, quality time and open communication. One way to excite the imagination even before the cork is popped is to choose wines with suggestively sexy names like 
Vibe Wines 2015 Naughty Play ChardonnayVibe Wines 2015 Sultry Seduction Syrah and Vibe Wines 2016 Savage Tendencies Sauvignon Blanc. There’s also sexy choices like Naked Winery 2013 Penetration Cabernet Sauvignon and Naked Winery 2014 Foreplay Chardonnay that cut to the chase and say in plain language the sorts of activities that await after savoring a few velvety sips.    

Evocative Lingerie

Most lovers can agree that visual stimuli is one of the more powerful aphrodisiacs, especially when gazing upon a woman wearing sexy leggings and provocative lingerie. You can ramp up the excitement on your romantic weekend getaway by including a few suggestive adornments like a 
Fence Net Stocking and Garter Belt set, an Unwrap Me Satin Bow Teddy or some Alluring Lingerie Second Skin Red Hot Short ShortsA Sexy Lingerie Mesh and Lace Babydoll flatters the female form, while a Rene Rofe Brave Bondage Bra Set is perfect for couples who entertain soft bondage fetishes and fantasies.    

Powerful Words

Naughty Bedtime Stories

The influence of the human voice on the psyche, especially when intonated in a sexy tone can be a powerful turn on. Before the massage and a sip or two of wine, perhaps just after the lingerie is revealed, reading aloud from an erotic text is an outstanding way to set a sexy tone to your romantic weekend getaway. Anything for You Erotica for Kinky Couples and Naughty Bedtime Stories are brimming with steamy, sexy tales that ignite the imagination and enkindle the glow of actionable sexual ideas. Speaking of ideas, couples looking to broaden the breadth of their bedroom adventures can take plenty of direction from the themes in Erotic Massage269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks for Her and Red Hot Touch Book.

Compelling Combinations

Infuse your romantic weekend getaway with a full spectrum of luxuries and pleasures by choosing a Sexy Pairing from Vibe Wines. These gift sets include indulgences for all five senses that allow couples to immerse themselves in a comprehensive romantic weekend experience. Imagine an evening that begins with a glass of 2012 Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin Petite Sirah and Syrah, progresses to some suggestive narration from Best Bondage Erotics Book 2015 an culminates with some adventurous vibrations from a Fifty Shades of Grey Yours and Mine Vibrating Love Ring lubricated by the sensual application of some ON Ultra Natural Arousal Oil. There is a Sexy Pairing Menu of pre-arranged gift sets for many fetishes and preferences, or, you can simply choose from a generous array of sexy wines, adult toys and intimate accessories to meet the exact tastes of you and your lover. is an online resource for outfitting your romantic weekend getaway with all of the intimate accessorieserotic booksadult toys and sexy wines necessary to realize an unforgettable adventure.

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