Play it Forward: Discovering Happiness by Focusing on Your Partner’s Pleasure

February 12, 2017

Benefits of Foreplay, Variety and Undivided Attention

Play it Forward: Discovering Happiness by Focusing on Your Partner's Pleasure

If you are in an intimate relationship, you can agree that when one partner elects to “play it forward,” physical fulfillment becomes tantamount to how rewarding the partnership can be. In an era where self-fulfillment and relentless pursuit of your own personal desires are popularized over service towards others, it is becoming a cutting edge idea to adopt alternative behaviors — in this case the championing of your partner’s pleasure over your own. There’s no greater gift you can present to your lover than that of your undivided attention. Your undying mission to turn them on, to elevate their enjoyment and to usher them through the doors of ecstasy into the abounding world of sexual gratification.


The vicarious pleasure of playing it forward carries it’s own special brand of seduction; the sublime joy of selflessly serving your partner. You can do this through the traditional means of oral and manual stimulation. For the sake of excitement and variety, however, there are an abundance of adult toys and intimate accessories designed to make the experience smooth, fun and altogether delightful. The look of astonished gratitude on your partner’s face is easily worth a little extra effort — and is proof that healthy long-term relationships are not only possible, but real.

Begin the Adventure with Irresistible Foreplay

Guys: Just accept the fact that her ability to experience pleasure that leads to multiple orgasms will always vastly out-measure yours, and when it is your turn to play it forward, factoring this into your strategy will only further to convince her that you are indeed “the man.” Set the mood by uncorking a playfully named bottle of wine — perhaps a bottle of Tease Riesling or Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo. Next, get her nerves buzzing with a few strokes of a Scandal Flogger across her erogenous zones or a pair of nipple clamps set into place with gentle care. You can also appeal to her kinesthetic appetite by starting things off with a sensual massage expertly guided by time-tested techniques, and get her imagination spinning by reading erotic excerpts of stories about Women in Lust.

Ladies: Contrary to your propensity for multiple orgasms, his biology is such that he can probably only become aroused to the point of climax once per episode before needing a recovery period. This is why you’ll need to carefully orchestrate his pleasure with waves of foreplay wherein you stimulate and then back off so that he can cool down. Pique his interest while reassuring him that you are confident in your relationship by presenting him with some sexy photographs of gorgeous women. You can also help a hypersensitive hunk to last longer with a topical prolong spray or delaying gel. These absorb quickly so that they do not affect your sensitivity while allowing him to “go the distance.”

Add Dimension to Sex by Introducing Variety       

Optimale Reversible UR3 Stroker

Guys: Rather than climbing on board and furiously pumping away until the fireworks go off, consider approaching a sexual episode in chapters. Provided you are not indulging in the proverbial quickie, you should plan to take a little time to express your affection for your partner. While the first chapter is foreplay, the second chapter can be dedicated entirely to focusing on the many ways she can be pleased below the waist. While your tongue and fingers are perfectly designed for delivering pleasure, there are innovative adult toys specifically designed to assist with clitoral stimulationg-spot orgasms and anal play. Dedicate as much time as necessary to focusing solely on her initial orgasm, and when she deems it her turn to play it forward you will know the depths of her gratitude.

Ladies: Contrary to what some might believe, vibrating strokers and textured sleeves are not only for masturbation, but also come in handy when moving from foreplay to the second chapter of seduction. You can stimulate him from a variety of positions — whispering in his ear and using your other hand to arouse him with prostate massage. Once his arousal is at full attention, a male performance ring can help further the experience while affirming that you can join in on the fun, which at some point he will most likely insist. Guys who enjoy the “enringed” sensation will find extra delight in a vibrating ring that sends battery-powered waves of pleasure through both partners.       

Focus on The Sole Act of Giving

Guys: Consider an opportunity to give your partner multiple orgasms an honor to be cherished and repeated often. Once you initially get her “over the rainbow,” consider that success to be the groundwork for a continuing pattern. If she is turned on by restraints and soft bondage, you can fulfill her desires with accessories like furry handcuffs and full body sets while following an idea or two from a bondage seduction play set. As the fun continues, remember to use plenty of lubricant, especially in instances of anal play, and remember that there’s never too much effort when it’s your turn to play it forward.  

Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator

Ladies: Your undivided attention will systematically elevate him towards the peak of pleasure mountain. Remember, to prolong the experience, all you have to do is back off the stimulation so he can cool down. Also remember that eventually he will be at the mercy of your power, and will beg for you to take him all the way. At this stage you can even intensify his sensations with an arousing topical gel and expand his pleasure with toy-assisted anal play. Even though he will have to “recover” from what promises to be an intensely unforgettable orgasm, the endorphins released by his brain will stimulate the heightened production of testosterone, and the two of you just might be back at it in no time.

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