Relationship Advice – 6 Tips Based on Trust and Mutual Happiness

April 06, 2016

Relationship Advice - 6 Tips Based on Trust andMutual Happiness

Relationship Advice – 6 Tips Based on Trust and Mutual Happiness

It is a well documented fact that, from time to time, even the most diligent and focused people require relationship advice. Yet, less widely known are the specific relationship tips used by happy couples that can help cultivate healthy interpersonal dynamics.

After the honeymoon period of frenzied lovemaking and whirlwind adventures gives way to necessary routines, people can become overwhelmed by economic stress and the burden of maintaining a household. Over time, this can create a distance between partners that tears into a rift that can expand into a chasm. Maintaining the close bond of intimacy for the long haul sometimes requires relationship advice based on sharing time, candid communication, adept honesty, consensual play, self-reliance and creative lovemaking.


Dedicate Exclusive Time to One Another

A distraction-free evening dedicated solely to quality time can re-kindle the intimate connection. Simply taking it upon yourself to prepare your partner’s favorite dish can set the stage for a fulfilling night together. Opening an appropriately paired bottle of sexy and flirty wine  at the onset of the meal also sets a symbolic tone that says “This is for you and I to share, and this time is special.” A particularly important relationship tip is to put your phone on silent or better yet turn it off and encourage your partner to do the same. You will both survive without texting and phone calls for a few hours. Really.

Talk Openly and Often

Anyone seeking relationship advice learns quickly to value communication by keeping the lines open and maintaining the intimate connection. The simple act of relaying the significant events of the day to one another keeps the conversation going while presenting opportunities for celebration and empathy. Congratulate your partner’s triumphs and console their losses, however obvious or insignificant they may seem. You can tell them all day long that you care about what happens to them, but it’s better to show them by listening patiently and responding with genuine rapport. One of the most precious relationship tips is the virtue of silent, undivided attention. The simple act of listening without offering long-winded answers or spurious solutions allows your partner to experience the relief of unburdening themselves without being interrupted.

Practice Honesty

While you are cultivating the skill of conversation, be sure to simultaneously develop the habit of being honest. An incomplete truth by way of omission can often times equate dishonesty, so don’t leave out crucial details about your day (unless you’re planning a surprise). This gem of relationship advice also holds true when fulfilling your duty as partner and best friend to gently, tactfully approach your spouse when they are screwing up. If chronic lateness and financial irresponsibility are causing tensions, it’s best to get them out in the open rather than to let them fester into resentful toxicity. If open communication is frequent, it should be fairly easy to breach from simple matters to more complex issues without shutting down due to the inability to express yourselves. These relationship tips also apply to intimate moments in the bedroom, where the deepest desires of each partner can be clearly expressed and lovingly fulfilled.

Experience The Joy of Giving

Arousing your lover, working them into a sexual frenzy and then guiding them over and beyond the pinnacle of ecstasy can be an experience of pure joy for both partners. Initiating an intimate time that is purely dedicated to your significant other’s pleasure can reassure them that they are the sole object of your love, desire and commitment. Introducing adult toys into the bedroom can sufficiently prepare you to be the symphony conductor of their fulfillment. Vibrating accessories heighten pleasure, while personal lubricant and light bondage items can assure that the experience goes smoothly with a shade of playful allure.    

Make the Most of Your Alone Time

A more subtle area of relationship advice is the principle of time apart. Alone time for each partner helps reinforce the idea of self-reliance and keeping the relationship clear of codependent patterns. Your partner can not always be accountable for your sexual joy and should never be responsible for your ultimate happiness. They may insist on helping you experience profound pleasure, but if they are gone or unavailable when the mood hits, it’s important that you can easily and shamelessly fulfill your own needs. This is another instance where adult toys are useful. While nothing takes the place of one human being touching another, a personal massager for her or sleeve for him can do the trick for the time being.

Embark on a Continuing Adventure

Couples who create new experiences together can deepen their intimate bond. Open communication patterns can make it easy to express long dormant fetishes and kinky inclinations. A trusted partner can help you realize role-playing fantasies or the desire to enhance sex with adult toys and accessories. An intimate adult game is abundant with subtle relationship tips that can lead to an extraordinary evening for a couple who is already used to sincere communication and adventurous play. The ultimate frontier for intimacy, pleasure and fulfillment can be determined by the combined openness and imagination of you and your partner.   

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