Relationship Issues: Turning Shutdown Upside Down

January 25, 2017

How Small Gestures and Healthy Humor Can Revive a Relationship

 Relationship Issues: Turning Shutdown Upside Down “Shutdown” is a relationship issue some couples face that is rooted in the numbing effect of the repetitive nature of modern life. Years of daily routines and stressful demands tend to have paralyzing consequences. This can cause you and/or your partner to unwittingly allow the seeds of discontent to germinate, giving way to boredom, mistrust and disintegration. The constraints of career and familial obligations sometimes leave room for little else, and as a result, intimacy and communication begin to crumble. These dynamics can be navigated and successfully reversed by engaging in strategies that replace tedium with spice, boredom with excitement and disconnection with passion.


Anyone in a partnership can agree that relationship issues are simply part of the deal, and managing them requires work. What may not be well known, however, is that the effort to keep things fresh and exciting does not have to carry the bummer stigma of chores and duties. Instead, manufacturing a little romance can be rewarding, entertaining and most importantly: sexy. The fun, sensual and lighthearted nature of adult accessoriesseductive wines and intimate books and games make them the perfect tools for re-igniting the spark and nurturing it back into a blaze.

The Strategy of Subtlety

When planning a stimulating surprise for your lover, base your strategy on their intrinsic psychological and physical desires. Gals, he wants to be able to joke around with you, but don’t forget that he also longs to be enthralled by your femininity, overcome with physical desire and immersed in the ecstasy of pleasing you. Guys, remember that she is wired to want to communicate and to nurture, but don’t forget that she also loves to be pampered, seduced, teased and pleased.

First, a Sip of WineNaked Winery 2013 Tease Riesling

Nothing interrupts the strained tone of relationship issues like the pop of the cork from a wildly named sexy bottle of wine. Imagine trying to maintain a scowl when your partner begins movie night by presenting a bottle of Naked Winery 2014 Tease Riesling or Naked Winery 2014 Foreplay Chardonnay. What could easily be a night of arguing can instead take a detour into relaxed discussion after musing over titles like Naked Winery 2013 Penetration Cabernet Sauvignon and Naked Winery 2014 Booty Call Blush. Wines with names like 2013 Naked on Roller Skates Shiraz and MataroMonogamy Cabernet Sauvignon and Happy Bitch Pink Chardonnay remind you to lighten up, to share in the delights of the fruit of the vine, to relax and to listen to one another.

Ladies First      

Often, when relationship issues are prevalent it is because familiarity breeds contempt and the same ol’ thing over and over has rendered both of you bored. One of the many marvels of adult accessories is that they have the ability to stir up the chemistry between partners in a positive way.

As a male partner you can help defrost the coldness that is trying to splinter the two of you apart by introducing an adult toy that is specifically designed to enhance her pleasure and bring her to orgasm. That’s right — chivalry is still relevant when it comes to selfless dedication to your partner’s pleasure, and the small gesture of procuring a special treat for her delight can work wonders.

Toys like the Ina Wave Vibrator, the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator and the Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator are engineered to empower her to great heights of pleasure. You should insist on accompanying her for the initial test run, you know, for the sake of helpful adult supervision.

The new chapter of fun does not have to stop there. You can also introduce items designed to enhance pleasure for both partners at the same time such as the Up Spice it Up Couples Ring, the Fifty Days of Play Game and the Screaming O Bling-O Vibrating Ring. Once your new narrative of pleasure and fulfillment has begun, you can write more of it together.

Guy Time

Suicidegirls Vol. 3

Men never tire of admiring the female form. Sure your man is crazy about you, but it’s just a biological certainty that he appreciates feminine beauty of just about every shape and size imaginable. You can literally knock his jaw loose with shock and awe by surprising him with a book of pictures that celebrate beautiful women in all of their scantily-clad glory.

Visual treasures such as SuicideGirls GeekologyBettie Page by Olivia and the Big Butt Book 3D let him know that you also appreciate the female body, and it can serve to reassure him that you trust him and that you are, in fact, confident in your relationship.  

Another male certainty is masturbation. You don’t have to wonder whether or not he does it when you are not around because he does. Yet another way to give him a friendly ribbing while encouraging self-fulfillment and reinforcing trust is to surprise him with a male accessory such as the Mood Exciter Sleeve or the OptiMALE UR3 Vibrating Stroker. As with the toys he gave you for this purpose, you should insist on supervising the test run, just to make sure he likes them.  

Take It to the Next Level Together

Gifts that encourage communication and healthy exploration can have an incredibly positive effect on relationship issues. Once you break back through the ice with some sexy wine and a few fun adult toys, the two of you can delve further into sensual accessory-assisted play by trying out garters, harnesses and soft bondage sets.

Ladies, you can drive him crazy by emerging into the boudoir in nothing but some Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Gold Chain Waist Jewelry and some Juliette Cuffs De Luxe.

Fellas, try slowly turning her on by reading erotic excerpts from Women in Lust Erotic Stories and then gradually working her into a frenzy with some Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Tease Vibrating Nipple Stimulators. After all — If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing together.    

Bijioux Indiscrets Happily Ever After Red Romance Kit

Vibe Wines™ makes it easy for couples working through relationship issues to immerse themselves in positive, pleasurable experiences by offering Sexy Pairings™ — gift sets comprised of sensual wines, adult toys, erotic books and intimate accessories.