Sexy Gifts for the Bride-To-Be

March 19, 2016

Sexy gifts for the bride-to-be

Sexy gifts for the bride-to-be

For an outgoing, driven and adventurous bride who values hard work and fulfilling play, the main focuses are probably family, career and leisure time with varying degrees of intensity depending on what the day throws her way. When it is time for relaxation though, chances are she would really cherish some fulfilling quality time in the bedroom.


The bridal shower is a perfect opportunity for you to adorn the bride-to-be with sexy gifts for the honeymoon night that enhance relaxation, encourage sensuality and stimulate constructive interaction. Vibe Wines™ is the ultimate source for intimate accessories , fascinating adult books, sexy wines and games that offer a new bride what she desires: pleasure, passion and fun.

The Power of Progressive Giving

Naked Winery 2013 Oh Orgasmic Tempranillo

Naked Winery 2013 Oh Orgasmic Tempranillo

The cupboards will be fine without another waffle maker, more Tupperware or a set of fine china so delicate it is practically unusable. Rather than shop for traditional (read as boring) wedding shower gifts, you can select pleasing treasures for the wine rack, the book shelf and the adult toy drawer. Those three places may not all be located in the bedroom, but if properly stocked, they can certainly lead there! Think of a bridal shower as a gifting session based on ideas that promote healthy communication, personal growth and mutual ecstasy between partners. It’s a fact that marriage flourishes when couples experience and explore new ideas together. Newlyweds can start off on the right track with gifts that entice them to ‘love outside the box’ so to speak. They can begin an evening together by sipping on some flirty wine, easing into an exciting adult game, and then progressing to the bedroom for some playful intimacy — all inspired by your sexy wedding shower gifts.

The Wine Rack

For centuries, wine has been recognized as the social lubricant that brings people together, eases down personal barriers and initiates sincere communication. A bottle of suggestively named Climax or Oh! Orgasmic can set the mood even before the very first sip. Consider giving the bride to be a bottle of vino that reflects her personality such as Risk Taker for an audacious gal, Foreplay for the playful type or a blended red or white wine by Fifty Shades of Grey Wines for a literary lass.

The Toy Drawer

Tantric Panty Vibrator

The breadth by which adult toys can influence personal satisfaction reaches from lighthearted and fun mutual play to deeply moving personal intimacy. Point the way to kinky adult recreation with toy sets themed for the wedding night such as the Bijoux Indiscrets Happily Ever After Romance Kit, White Wedding Adult Play Kit, or the Fetish Fantasy Series Wedding Night Kinky Kit. The LELO Adore Me Pleasure Set and LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set are two additional indulgences that help newlyweds create deeply fulfilling nights of passion.  

Personal time can also be maximized with a toy designed with her pleasure in mind. For the woman with a stealthy and mischievous side, we suggest accessories such as the Tantric Panty Vibrator, the Teardrop Bullet Vibrator, the Up! Spice it Up Couples Ring and the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator, by California Exotic Novelties, a women owned company.

The Book Shelf

One of the alluring things about a committed relationship is the idea that partners spend time learning new things about themselves and one another. A great way to help the bride-to-be is to give her adult books and games. Erotic Massage teaches how to relax, explore and stimulate through clear description and illustration. When she has some alone time she can delve into the indulgent pages of Best Women’s Erotica 2015. The couple that learns together yearns together — that’s why Anything for You Erotica for Kinky Couples can introduce a wild array of exciting ideas that will turn up the heat in the bedroom. Love Notes are a fun way for couples to write redeemable ‘coupons’ to one another good for intimate favors down the road, while the You and Me Game and Fifty Days of Play Game present dozens of sexy suggestions and innovative activities for newlyweds to explore together.

Cover All Three with Sexy Pairings™

Bijioux Indiscrets Happily Ever After Romance Kit

Bijoux Indiscrets Happily Ever After Romance Kit

You can create a comprehensive gift set for the bride-to-be by choosing a bottle of sexy wine, an adult toy, a book or a game — and give them all as a complete package. We call these gift sets Sexy Pairings™, and for those who don’t have all day to explore every option offered here, Vibe Wines™ offers an exclusive menu of them — previously matched items with sexy names, tailored to fit almost any personality type.

Vibe Wines™ offers gifts for the bride-to-be that promise fun and excitement and that inspire pleasure, joy and well-being.

Cheers to wine and pleasure!