Sexy Music Playlist: Seductive Songs to Help Set the Mood: Vol 1

September 21, 2016

Seductive Songs to Help Set the Mood, Vol. 1   

Sexy Music Playlist: Seductive Songs to Help Set the Mood: Vol 1

Sexy Music Playlist: Seductive Songs to Help Set the Mood: Vol 1

Creating atmosphere with romantic melodies is an enriching experience, and like the tastes of an enticing meal, the aroma of a cedarwood candle or the sumptuous sip of an elegant wine — music has a profoundly positive effect. Seductive Songs is an auditory aphrodisiac — a key component to include when creating a romantic atmosphere. The sublime power of rhythm, melody and lyrical essence allow you to invoke with class and style the perfect mood for entertaining intimate company.

A Vibe Wines™ Sexy Pairing accompanies each selection, creating the perfect array of elements to compose an experience that, like a great song, will be unforgettable.    


“Raspberry Beret” Prince  

The enduring appeal of an internationally adored sex symbol does not diminish one iota, as is resplendently apparent in this hot track from the summer of 1985. In his effortlessly seductive style, Prince let’s your guest know that you’ve got individuality, fashion sense and a sassy demeanor within just a few measures of music.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Pretty in Pink

“Wicked Game” Chris Isaak

Despite the signature lyric “No I don’t want to fall in love” repeating with addictive regularity, the languid guitar and Isaak’s croon suggest that it’s already too late. The song urges you to give in to your desires and go with the flow, for better or worse.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Nocturnal Naughtiness  

“Breaking Glass” David Bowie

Lyrically this track comes from that artsy way out of left field realm that Bowie inhabited with few others of his kind. The vocals set a risque’ tone on top of the synthesized, undulating bass-driven rhythm that naturally makes the hips want to move.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Poet and Muse

“I Wanna be Adored” Stone Roses

“I want to, I want to, I want to be adored” repeats with the urgent desire of a faraway Romeo determined to find the way back to his Juliet — set to a rich aural tapestry of guitar textures and tasteful rhythms. A perfect melody for kissing, caressing and beyond.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: The Adoring Apprentice

“Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” Concrete Blonde

The ominous tones and lyrical imagery of this seductive song will make your date want to get close and hold you tight. Johnette Napolitano’s impeccable voice carries you off to a place of imagination and allure “I got the ways and means to New Orleans I’m going down by the river where it’s warm and green …” Perfect for a cool autumn evening straight out of an Anne Rice novel.  

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Scarlet and Scandalous

“Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus,” Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

Sexy Music Playlist: Seductive Songs to Help Set the Mood: Vol 1

Sexy Music Playlist: Seductive Songs to Help Set the Mood: Vol 1

The fact that this number is sung in French and hails from an obscure era of pre-mainstream Euro Pop will have your date wondering just what sort of worldly curator of the arts you actually are. Jane Birkin’s voice is angelicly sexy and treats the listener to several measures of heavy, passionate breathing. Plus, the title says it all: I Love You … Neither do I — so if your date happens to speak French they can see the evening as exclusive, noncommittal or both.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Erotically Ever After

“Autumn Sweater” Yo La Tengo

A resonant bass drum boom and a layer of latin-laced percussion are gently draped by an organ-powered rhythm and melody line. The soft vocals impart the languid narrative of escapist romance placing you and your company in a private realm unto yourselves: “We could slip away wouldn’t that be better, me with nothing to say and you in your autumn sweater.”

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Exhilirated Lovers

“#1 Crush” Garbage

Vocalist Shirley Manson delivers the lovesick pinings of an admirer overcome with desire in an alluring lament that is addictive in itself. The music is steady and powerful without being loud or fast — perfect for an evening that is transitioning from playful to passionate.  

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Secret Satiation

“Let’s Get it On” Marvin Gaye

This mid-tempo classic from a grandmaster of the R & B / Soul genres is an enduring legacy of “The Prince of Motown.” Marvin Gaye is a timeless matchmaker in a blatantly penned tune that says it all in such an endearingly soulful way. The phrase “let’s get it on” is repeated literally dozens of times in the songs five minute duration, guaranteeing that if things are destined to start happening — now is the time.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Bound by Bliss

“Like a Virgin” Madonna

The original Boy Toy, aka the “Queen of Pop” lays the on imagery of renewed innocence inspired by the spark of new love with lyrics like “I was beat / Incomplete / I’d been had, I was sad and blue / But you made me feel / Yeah, you made me feel / Shiny and new.” Meanwhile she winds up the sexual tension nice and tight as she sings “Like a virgin / Feels so good inside / When you hold me / And your heart beats / And you love me.” Modern day fake British accent or not, in 1984 Madonna really knew how to write a steamy tune.  

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Trust and Lust

Consider these selections of seductive music and Sexy Pairings™ the next time you are sharing some quality time with that special someone. Be sure to charge up your iPod, to freshen your breath, and whatever you do — don’t forget the wine. specializes in adult pleasure products, intimate games and sexy wines that enhance intimacy and pleasure between partners.