Sexy Music Playlist: Seductive Songs to Help Set the Mood: Vol 2: Stevie Nicks

September 26, 2016

Sexy Music Playlist: Seductive Songs to Help Set the Mood, Vol. 2: Stevie Nicks

Sexy Music Playlist: Seductive Songs to Help Set the Mood: Vol. 2

Sexy Music Playlist: Seductive Songs to Help Set the Mood: Vol. 2: Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks has forged a career across four decades, making a lasting contribution to the pantheon of rock and roll as a soloist, as a collaborator and as a member of Fleetwood Mac. She has managed to remain relevant through the many climates of the ever-changing world of entertainment, largely because her unique voice is one of the most recognizable in mainstream music. Her mythic trill could be described as just a bit gravelly, but only if said pebbles were tiny magic pearls — magnifying the seductive sultriness of her song. She is no stranger to romantic music, having written and performed some of the most memorable numbers about the delicate and dangerous nature of love.     

A Vibe Wines™ Sexy Pairing accompanies each selection, allowing you to create the perfect setting for an experience that, like the voice of Stevie Nicks, will be unforgettable.


“I Can’t Wait” 

A big booming rock sound drives this track forward in tandem with the incessant chant of “I can’t wait, I can’t wait.” A playful message telling your lover that now is what is known as “the opportune moment.” Lines like “Am I wasting my time while you make up your mind” and “What can I do when I’m crazy for you” make it clear that the chase is over and it’s time to get down and boogie.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Exhilarated Lovers

“Stop Draggin My Heart Around”

This classic duet with the legendary Tom Petty beautifully couples Stevie’s seductive wail with the signature groove of Petty’s legendary band The Heartbreakers. The verses are sung in tandem, first Stevie then Petty while the choruses are wailed in harmony by both — empowering the song with a stirring female/male dynamic tension. This track is a not-so-subtle choice for an evening with an estranged lover that could lead to the time-tested favorite of couples everywhere: make up sex.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Scarlet and Scandalous   


Based on the fictional tale of a Welsh witch, Stevie Nicks wrote the song in 1974 just before joining Fleetwood Mac, and by 1976 the haunting musical progressions of “Rhiannon” were household melodies. The sentiment of the lyrics “She is like a cat in the dark / And then she is the darkness” and “ She rules her life like a fine skylark / And when the sky is starless” evoke feeling of mystery and images shadows and moonlight. A perfect choice for a candlelight dinner followed by red wine by a crackling fire.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Nocturnal Naughtiness  

“Stand Back”

Layered synthesizers and booming drums draped in Stevie’s lush vocals drive a groove that pushed this song to the top of the charts in1983. It proclaims the bittersweet viewpoint of a reluctant lover who wants to connect after it’s too late. Yet, the line “Well, he asked me for my love that was all” broadcasts the idea that attraction does not have to be complicated, and the simple sharing of time is in itself a treasure.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Percolating Passion

“Leather and Lace”

This breathtaking duet with the Eagles’ singer Don Henley peaked in the top 10 as a standout single on Stevie Nicks’ solo debut album in 1981. The song stands as a proclamation of ultimate dedication and devotion between lovers, and the dual female and male vocal tracks really drive the point home. The chorus says it all: “Lovers forever face to face, My city your mountains, Stay with me stay, I need you to love me, I need you today, Give to me your leather, Take from me my lace.” The final phrases in particular are two of the most tastefully explicit lines in all of rock and roll.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Bound By Bliss

“If Anyone Falls”

This brooding, powerful ballad captures the spirit of romance that is torn between apprehension and devotion. The line: “And he says if anyone falls in love it will be one of us” invokes the idea that one partner is waiting for the other to make the next move, but neither is fully sure of who is filling which role. As trepidatious as uncertainty can be, this is the grey area where dynamic tension between lovers really ramps up the romance to a feverish pitch. In lieu of that, play it loud as you sip wine with your lover.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Secret Satiation

“Talk to Me”

This stirringly romantic tune climbed the Billboard Top Rock Tracks charts to the number one spot in 1985. The courageously honest lyrics of one person opening their heart (and ears) completely to the needs of another are irresistibly catchy and compelling on an almost ethereal level. The lines “The walls run high to veil a swelling tear, Oh let the walls burn down set your secrets free, You can break their bounds cause you’re safe with me, You can lose your doubt cause you’ll find no danger here” set a trusting mood for an intimate time with that very, very special someone.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Trust and Lust  

“Gold Dust Woman”  

This song is often regarded as the definitive track of Stevie Nicks’ time and work with Fleetwood Mac. The ominous melody and haunting guitar work create something of a dangerous tone, perfect for partners getting into the mood to explore some forbidden territory. OK, so the narrative isn’t exactly romantic in the traditional sense, yet the idea of the antagonist being a “black widow” and the “pale shadow of a dragon” is perfect for a dominant partner who is playfully orchestrating a submissive experience upon their lover.    

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Submissive Adventures


This is the only Fleetwood Mac tune written by Stevie that went number 1 and sold over a million copies. This track is deceptively languid, as it was written at a time when everyone in the band was undergoing serious emotional upheaval. All five musicians were in the throes of relationship breakups (there were two couples between the five members). The silver lining is that rebound songs always inspire new romance, and this song is an excellent choice for inspiration when exploring intimacy with a new partner. After all “Thunder only happens when it’s raining, Players only love you when they’re playing.”  

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Multi-Sensory Tittilation

“Rooms on Fire”

Another Stevie Nicks-penned tune bedazzled with the bittersweet tang of fleeting love, this song was the first single off her fourth album The Other Side of the Mirror (1989). The crisp, flamenco-esque 12-string guitar work and Stevie’s always angelic harmonies carry the melody atop rhythms that undulate between playful and steadfast. The chorus croons: “Well maybe I’m just thinking that the rooms are all on fire, Everytime I walk into the room, Well there is magic all around you, If I do say so myself …” which makes this song an ideal accompaniment for an evening marked by whirlwind passion and irrepressible desire.

Suggested Sexy Pairing: Desires and Fantasies

Consider these selections of seductive Stevie Nicks music and Sexy Pairings™ when planning your next stretch of quality time with your musically savvy lover. Turn down the lights, turn up the music and don’t forget the wine.