Sexy New Year’s Eve Accessories

December 19, 2016

Sexy New Year's Eve Accessories

Ring in the New Year and toast new beginnings in seductive style! Sexy New Year’s Eve accessories can enhance your attire and mood to help create an unforgettable evening. Glittering erotic fashion jewelry adds sensuality and mystery to your outfit. Another level of kinky excitement can be added with embellished party masks to heighten anticipation. Finally, when you surround yourself in the scent of sexy pheromone attractants you’ll be ready to entice and tease all night long. Cheers to your sexiest New Year’s Eve yet!






Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Gold Chain Shoulder Jewelry

The beautiful Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Gold Chain Shoulder Jewelry design will dress your shoulders in small golden chains that are both elegant and sensual. You could say this piece is the most revealing covering. It adds a mysterious touch to your look, uncovers hidden secret fantasies and teases to awaken delicious desires. Seduction is present in every detail of this stylish accessory.

Desir Metallique Gold Collar and Handcuffs

These unique metal mesh handcuffs by Bijoux Indiscrets can be worn as stylish jewelry or in your battle of seduction behind closed doors. You’ll be fully prepared to fight skin to skin.  This seductive jewelry allows you to wear your kink on the outside. Revel in unleashing your imagination and surrendering to pleasure while looking elegant and seductive in Desir Metallique Mesh Handcuffs Jewelry.


The Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Gold Chain Waist Jewelry is a stylish accessory with exquisite detail. It creates mesmerizing movement that is sure to ignite desire while drawing even more attention to an already impressive asset.

Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Gold Chain Necklace Whip

This little number has a sexy little secret. It’s an elegant necklace that is fashionable yet functional as a soft play whip. Wear it with a sexy little black dress or a low cut body suit as a seductive night on the town accessory. Later, use the metal chain whip to tease your lover with pleasure in moments of passionate play. The cold touch of the metal chains will contrast with their skin temperature and heighten sensations. The Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Gold Chain Necklace Whip welcomes you to the new stylish world of soft bondage play.

Juliette Cuffs de Lux

The Juliette Cuffs De Luxe are stunning 100% silk fuchsia-colored cuffs that are the perfect blend of fashion and fetish. Sparkling Swarovski Crystals embellish these luxurious ties. These extra-long silky adornments are accentuated by a solid encrusted crystal band in the center and black tassels at each end. Wear these as playful wrist ties, a sexy choker, a headband or hair wrap, and later in the evening as a mischievous blindfold.

Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sparkling Shimmery Diva Dust with Sex Attractant Golden Goddess

Bring on the shimmer! The Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sparkling Shimmery Diva Dust With Sex Attractant Golden Goddess is a light body powder for enhanced sex appeal. It is designed to give your skin a sensual sparkle and glow. The pheromone attractant inspires sexiness. Its unique kissable honey-vanilla flavor will linger on your lovers lips upon contact with your skin. This tantalizing dust provides the ultimate sexual temptation and is a woman’s secret olfactory weapon.

Bijoux Indiscrets Body Powder Aphrodisia

The Bijoux Indiscrets Body Powder Aphrodisia is the perfect party skin shimmer. It contains a slight glitter to highlight curves and crevices. It is designed to entice and illuminate those special areas where lips and skin meet. The fragrance is the company’s exclusive aphrodisiac scent of ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine. It is sure to unleash a sensory awakening.

Kama Sutra Lip Fetish Cool Mint

This Kama Sutra Lip Fetish Cool Mint lip gloss will enhance your sexy pout with a light blush color.  The beautiful shade of nude has a slight baby-pink tint that will subtly enhance your natural lip color. It’s deliciously flavored in creamy, cool mint that will gently plump your lips with a very subtle tingling sensation. It has a shiny and silky smooth formula that is never sticky. You be ready for cool mint flavored kisses that will indulge your lover in exquisite oral pleasure. Your gorgeous luscious lips will be glistening and tasting so very sweet.

Fifty Shades of Grey Masks on Masquerade

Join the masquerade with the Fifty Shades of Grey Masks On Masquerade! This his and her set contains two very beautifully crafted masquerade masks that are uniquely designed to accentuate your features while obscuring your identity. These embellished masks are both erotic and stylish. After the festivities, concealing your identity can create a new level of kinky excitement and anticipation in the bedroom. Take on the characters of Ana and Christian from Fifty Shades of Grey or create your own and let them simply develop as kinky play progresses.

Rianne S Mask Brigitte

This stylish and mysterious mask will inspire and awaken the sexy goddess within you. The Rianne S Mask Brigitte is a Venetian-style accessory that exudes sultry sophistication. How could it not when named after French eccentric beauty Brigitte Bardot? It is designed to align with the contours of any face and made of silky-soft fabric creating a perfect fit. Wear this mask for any special occasion or simply create one. is your online destination for Sexy New Year’s Eve Accessories, kinky jewelry, adult toys, sultry wines, intimate books and games, and romantic gifts for any occasion.

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