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January 21, 2016

Love Outside the Box: Avoid the Pitfalls of Valentine’s Day While Enhancing Your Relationship

A Typical Tale

You’re weaving desperately through traffic, stomping on the gas and brake pedals in tandem while glancing at the dashboard clock and praying your phone doesn’t ring. It is February 14th and time is slipping away. You’re already late for work when you come to the horrible realization that you’ve not only forgotten to make reservations for Valentine’s Day, you haven’t even picked up a gift for your sweetheart. No flowers, no chocolates, no bright red card of rhyming verse — nothing.

You know how the rest of the story goes, don’t you? In case you’re in denial here’s a refresher: You call every restaurant in town for a reservation. Since all the good tables are booked, you settle for a patio table under a heating lamp at a “casual” establishment in a questionable neighborhood. On the way home from work, you pick up the last bouquet of wilted flowers from the grocery store florist and a heart-shaped box of Forrest Gump chocolates.


An Unnecessary Outcome

Your sweetheart is unimpressed, as it is clear that you waited until the last minute to make plans and buy gifts. He or she misread this as an indication that your feelings are not genuine. Resentment builds as unreasonable expectations placed into the heads of both of you begin to upset the balance of your relationship. By the end of the night an argument is boiling that neither of you can explain the origin of. Two weeks later, it’s breakup time.

This scenario plays out in thousands of relationships every February 14th for one very specific reason. The meaning of Valentine’s Day has been skewed, glossed over and overblown for centuries. What was once a minor event on the calendar has been inflated by mass marketing to be the dread and detriment of people like you and your ex-partner. Men and women alike have been trained to have a Pavlovian reaction to February 14th marked by last-minute retail consumerism and awkward social role-filling. In fact, many couples would much rather spend some quality time alone instead of putting on a public display to satisfy the status quo.

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may be traced back to the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia, a pagan fertility rite practiced for centuries throughout pre-Christian Europe. It featured wine, nudity and artful adult play. As with most celebrations of this kind it was eclipsed by the ubiquity of an ever-stifling religious mindset and eventually replaced by a day commemorating the acts of a Catholic martyr. St. Valentine was a Roman priest. As one of the stories about him goes, he performed secret weddings to unite those who were forbidden to marry under Roman rule — as Emperor Claudius II believed that single men made better soldiers. St. Valentine was persecuted and jailed. Just before he was executed he prayed for the sick daughter of one of the men that was to judge him under Roman law. She miraculously recovered and he wrote her a note. He signed it: “from your Valentine,” which has inspired the romantic signature.

Both stories have merit in connection to the holiday, as they are rooted in romance and the uniting of people. Somewhere in the mid-19th Century, however, western ingenuity began the Valentine’s Day greeting card tradition, the lucrative nature of the phenomenon became apparent and the rest, as they say, is history.

Why Valentine’s Day is Important

It is fundamentally important to take time to make thoughtful, reassuring gestures to the one you love. It is equally important to specifically set aside time for this, yet the exchange does not need to be a public display of obligatory spending. That’s how V-day becomes D-day — resulting in needless bickering and untimely breakups. On the other hand, well-planned intimacy has lasting effects that are apparent among couples who stay connected by sharing taste, touch and sensual communication. This can happen by opening a bottle of playfully named sexy wine, by spending an evening immersed in an adult game and by easing into the fascination of sensual play with soft bondage accessories and adult toys.

Five Customs You Can Observe to Make Valentine’s Day Count

The meaning of Valentine’s Day does not have to be steeped in mass marketing that inserts unrealistic expectations into relationships. A forgettable evening in a crowded restaurant amid pre-written greeting cards and overpriced knick-knacks does not genuinely say: “I love you.” At least, for your sake, hopefully not. Instead, consider these five alternative customs that are sure-fire ways to ignite the spark, to turn up the heat and to keep the passion alive.

  1. Share a bottle of sexy wine with your lover. Showing up to dinner with some vino labelled Foreplay Chardonnay or Tease Riesling sets a playful tone to an intimately rewarding evening.
  2. Talk and connect with an intimate game. Immerse yourself in the dynamics of strategy and intimate confessions with an engaging activity designed to bring you closer to your lover.
  3. Tease your lover with foreplay and massage. Sensual massage and slow caresses create relaxation and anticipation that heightens the intimate experience.
  4. Please your lover with specialized adult toys. Sexy gifts of adult pleasure products distinctly designed to appeal to specific erogenous zones can let your lover know that you are truly interested in participating in their experience of joy.
  5. Fall in love all over again. Reaffirm your mutual attraction by deliberately taking time to be alone together and enjoy one another’s bodies, hearts and minds

Surprise your lover this February 14th with a plan to love outside the box. A Sexy Pairing from Vibe Wines will open the door to rewarding intimacy through delicious wine, alluring adult games and fascinating, sensual accessories.

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