Shower Sex: The Cleanest Way to Get Dirty

May 09, 2016

Shower Sex: The Cleanest Way to Get Dirty

Sex in the shower is one of the hallmarks of intimacy and can be an event both romantic and recreational that brings a couple closer together. It is, however, important to understand that a confined space with an abundant presence of water can present a few comfort and safety concerns, but with the right effort and planning, sex in the shower can be the cleanest way to get dirty!


In order to make your shower sex a memorable situation for reasons of fondness rather than embarrassment, it is important to see the event in distinct stages. Unlike a spontaneous late night romp in the hallway or right inside the front door, sex in the shower can be approached as a sort of private stage show wherein specific acts of a three part story are played out.

Stage props: safe-grip shower floor mat, silicone lubricationa bottle of velvety-textured wineperformance ringsvinyl playful spanking paddle, shower play accessoriesscented candles.

Act One: Sudsy Foreplay

Dim the lights, select some sensuous sounds from your music library, light a scented candle and uncork a bottle of seductively-named wine. As this is a slippery setting, just a sip or two is sufficient — simply to help set the mood. If you are a woman who agrees that you may take a bit longer in the shower than your man, you should step in first and begin the sensual process of shampooing and conditioning your hair. This is an erotic act for a guy to witness, and since you have given him permission to do so you can see it as an act of consenting play, as you seductively entice him to join you. Guys, use this time to make sure everything necessary is within an arm’s reach. No need to interrupt sex in the shower to go fetch the lube from the bedside table or find more soap. Gals, as you rinse out your conditioner, beckon him into the shower for the honor of slathering your with body soap from torso to toes. You can simultaneously do the same for him, as the two of gently caress one another, gradually arousing each other’s erogenous zones.       

Act Two: Rinse and Repeat

As you help each other get squeaky clean, remember that shower sex isn’t a race and the building steam, the flickering candles and the soft music are there to help you keep a measured pace — savoring every exquisite moment. Revel in multiple dispersions of soap, perhaps making up for all of the time of late you have not spent in intimate proximity. Trace gentle circles on each others’ posteriors and  take this consensual, permissive opportunity to give each other a few playfully soft spanks with the spanking paddle.

As the washing concludes and you move towards penetration, consider that the physics of sex in the shower are going to require some creative positioning. Also, water is NOT lubrication and will actually dilute her natural secretions, making for a potentially painful experience. This is where a silicone-based lube product like uberlube or Gun Oil Lubricant comes in handy. Just like memorizing the dialogue and plot points that drive a story forward, remember that a little lube goes a long way and part of your role is to make sure the application stays centralized and not scattered across the already slick floor the two of you two are standing on.

Act Three: Going the Distance  

Sportsheets Dual Locking Suction Cup Handcuffs

Sportsheets Dual Locking Suction Cup Handcuffs

As long as the hot water holds out, the two of you can enjoy prolonged sex in the shower by using a performance ring, or a simple silicone accessory that will help him last longer in order to transport his partner to a satisfying climax. Think about it, with all the foreplay and build up you don’t want to jump on board, as it were, for just a short ride. You can also use a waterproof toy such as the Fifty Shades of Grey Vibrating Love Ring or the Shibari Halo Waterproof Wireless 10x Wand to spice things up. Couples who enjoy soft bondage can enhance their sex in the shower experience by introducing the Sportsheets Suction Cup Handcuffs. Relinquishing yourself to the sensual will of your partner is a great way to build trust and explore intimacy.

The Sportsheets Dual Locking Suction Handle and the Sportsheets Single Locking Foot Rest give instant leverage to shower play and allow you to try new positions with confidence.

Once the shower sex is over, dry one another off in the candlelight and adjourn to the bedroom to enjoy a few more sips of  a sexy wine such as the Naked Winery 2013 Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo or the 2012 Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin Petite Sirah and Syrah. Time permitting, you should make an entire evening of the adventure, using the cleansing session as a precursor to extended quality time together. Consider winding down from your steamy enterprise by reading some kinky couples erotica or by playing an intimate adult game. You can plan for an evening together with Sexy Pairings™ from Vibe Wines which match adult toys and accessories with alluringly-named wines and intimate games.     

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