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Turn the often tedious act of adult gift shopping into an enjoyable experience in the art of giving. Klimaxed™ blends the appeal of sensual tastes, sexy lingerie, the enticement of adult toys and the cerebral power of erotic books, massage products, kinky jewelry and intimate games to create unforgettable experiences.

The exceptional people in your life deserve thoughtful, exciting and creative gifts that reflect their character and speak to their personalities. That’s why Klimaxed™ has done some innovative legwork for people who want to make a lasting impression with an amazing gift.

We've assembled an array of alluring items that carry universal appeal among adventurous adults. Dynamic people who love zest, zeal, play and pizzazz will be awestruck when they are presented with pleasure products, books and games that engage their varied interests and nurture a love of healthy sexual communication.

You can custom-tailor a gift to suit every nuance of an occasion, whether it’s a surprise gift for your girlfriend or a spontaneous gift for a one year anniversary or a creative gift for a wedding anniversary. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that of all the goodies received by a couple of newlyweds, the specifically assembled package you sent is the one making them the most anxious to be alone together at last.

It is time to embrace the fact that picture frames, boxes of assorted candy and argyle ties are less like gifts and more like empty gestures -- especially to someone you cherish. Generic gifts take up space but they don’t reach out to the receiver and say “I truly care about you!” Often times, instead, they merely whisper “Sorry, I just couldn’t find anything cool.” Sexy gifts let you avoid these drawbacks by singing out to the exceptional people in your life: “Hey! I think about you often, I care about your happiness and I want you to know for certain that you are special!”

The Art of Giving
Reclaim the autonomy of giving by presenting a diverse variety of items that can be paired together to create exciting, sexy gifts. You can create pairings to fit specific personalities and relationships. For example; 

* If he is a young, swarthy bachelor you can pair 269 Amazing Sex Tricks and Tips for Him and Gun Oil Lubricant.
* Partners interested in fantasy play can quell their curiosity with the Sportsheets Leather and Lace Set and the Up Spice Couples Ring.
* A couple celebrating a benchmark wedding anniversary will be charmed by the Red Hot Touch book and the Fifty Days of Play game.
* Two type-A workaholics who need a reason to slow down and make time for one another will love the Erotic Massage book and Sliquid Massage Oil
* A young couple celebrating a one year anniversary will be thrilled to dig into the White Wedding Adult Play Kit and flipping through the pages of Bedded Bliss – A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After.