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Intimate Adult Play: A Sensuous Path to Greater Fulfillment 

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Search an extensive array of adult toys, games and accessories to discover what piques your curiosity and what appeals to your specific tastes.  

For Curious Beginners

Entry-level sexual adventure with toys can be initiated through gentle play using soft and sensual furry cuffs on the wrists and ankles and C-rings for him designed to enhance performance. Ramping up the pleasure in erogenous zones with the aid of body massagers and vibrators can assist women and men in reaching intense, more frequent climaxes. Lubrication is key to keeping adult play sessions smooth and sensual, meanwhile playful floggers can help couples engage in the punishment and reward roles of S&M play.

For Those Who Desire to Learn More

Understanding the vast and alluring world of adult play requires education through reading and participation. Vibe Wines offers cutting edge books and games that are the quintessential narratives of the dynamics of intimate adult play. Guys who are “in the dark” about the boundless possibilities the bedroom presents can become enlightened through the descriptions and helpful photos in 269 Amazing Sex Tips and Tricks for Him. Women who want to learn how to work their man up into a frenzy through tease and fetish play can feast on the secrets of Burlesque performer and author Dita Von Teese, who reveals almost everything in her book Burlesque and the Art of the Teese and Fetish and the Art of the Teese. Couples can learn and grow together through the pages of Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s guide to Lust Ever After and Anything for You: Erotica for Kinky Couples.  

Play Your Way to Fulfilling Intimacy

Adult games are a fun, interesting and even humorous format couples can use to abate personal barriers while opening themselves up to honest communication and mutual pleasure. The Strip or Tease Game and the You and Me Game are a playful ways to peel back the inhibitions with erotic flair and ease into an evening of unforgettable fun. Couples who are both busy professionals can learn to slow down and reconnect through the interactive dynamics of the Intimate Encounters Intimate Rewards Game while the Bedroom Commands Sexy Game takes the guesswork out of adventurous play with exact commands couples can direct each other with -- leading them through an evening of experimentation, discovery and ecstasy. 

For Advanced Adventurers

People who are well versed in the vernacular of intimate adult play can take the next step and outfit themselves with entire sets of toys and accessories designed to heighten pleasure and deepen intimacy. The Kinklab Experimental Bondage Kit and the Fifty Shades of Grey Submit to Me Kit both have everything a couple needs to dive headfirst into an erotic experience of light bondage and playful submission. Spice things up with Chocolate Seductions Game for Lovers -- allowing couples to write intimate musings of love and lust upon one another and then enjoy the delicious act of licking and kissing them away.

The White Wedding Adult Play Kit has everything two newlyweds could possibly need to create an unforgettable wedding night together. When it’s time for the honeymoon, the Kama Sutra Love Essentials Romantic Travel Purse and the Sex and Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint will allow two lovebirds to transform any vacation accommodation into their own personal love nest. 

There is a revolution taking place in the intimate lives of adults that is affecting overall health and well-being in a positive way. Clinical studies are proving that adults who practice intimate play in one form or another are experiencing deeper interpersonal connections, greater personal fulfillment, reduction of stress and anxiety and improved mental health. 

The website Medical Daily recently featured the findings of one Dr. Sandra Lamorgese -- considered by many to be one of the foremost authorities on the benefits of BDSM practice. As an author, professional dominatrix and practitioner of holistic living, Dr. Lamorgese reports that people who choose to move beyond “vanilla sex” and into experimental territory facilitated by adult toys and accessories experience frequent release of dopamine and serotonin into their brain chemistry -- two neurotransmitters responsible for the “feel good” sensations associated with happiness, joy, tranquility and self-confidence.  

Thanks to recent media breakthroughs like the Fifty Shades of Grey brand, the taboo-based stigma of the use of adult toys and games is steadily being lifted -- revealing the true benefits of adventurous bedroom activity. Klimaxed™ offers an extensive array of products, from entry-level toys and games to instructional literature to entire toy sets for advanced adult play. Wherever your level of understanding lies in this world at present, there are myriad ways to deepen your education about intimate play and thus, enhancing your enjoyment of the benefits of its practice.