Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Metallic 8 Body Chain Jewelry

Bijoux Indiscrets

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The Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Collection Metallic 8 Body Chain Jewelry takes inspiration from 1920s New York cabaret dancers,  blending current fashion trends with eroticism. This 8 layer body chain transcends effortlessly from day to evening wear and it makes a stunning gift for anyone who loves a sexy accessory. 
Get your selfie stick out because you'll want to show off this sensual, must-have body harness. This necklace comes in silver and gold color and it accentuates any outfit very well, whether it's your sexiest little black dress or your birthday suit. The flowing, draping chains will flatter your figure and most certinaly guide people's gaze from your neck down to where is rests on your hips. 
A beautiful gift! Your BFF will most certainly appreciate this pretty accessory and its presented in gift-giving designer packaging. 
Nickel-free so it won't cause allergic reactions. 
Also makes a fun Summer Festival look! 


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