Bride to Be Party Pin Wearable Game

Little Genie

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The Bride-to-Be Party Pin Wearable Game will keep the fun going all night long! It's an interactive party game that you take out for a rollicking night of naughty fun wherever the party takes you. Pin it on the bride-to-be and start the bright flashing lights. There are 12 unique and sassy peel-away challenges on it for the bachelorette to complete. They are printed on layers that are stacked onto the button itself. When each challenge is completed, she can stick the layer on the person who helped complete the challenge. Watch how the party grows!

Once she has completed all 12 challenges, a sparkling WINNER badge will be revealed for her to wear for the rest of the evening. She'll proudly display her bridal prowess while everyone celebrates the #1 Bride and joins in the festivities! 

The pin is a 4 inch flashing button with an on/off switch.