Cal Exotics Strip Poker Game

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The Cal Exotics Strip Poker Game is a classic one that opens the door to some serious couple's fun. Now you can your partner can satisfy your erotic pleasures and secret desires with this well-known card game. It's suitable for 2-6 adult players who are craving to indulge in a little sensual fantasy play. Ready? Shuffle, deal and do your best to play to keep your clothes on.

This is a party favorite involving playing your hand and chancing your luck a bit. If you lose, it's time to remove an article of clothing. This card game includes a traditional deck of playing cards and a deck of clothing cards, plus a rule booklet. All you have to do to play is shuffle the cards and deal them out. You simply take turns until a winner is determined. The loser has to select a clothing card and follow the removal instructions.

If you're ready to let go of some inhibitions, this daring game will challenge players to chance their luck on the turn of a card. Of course you want to play to win, but now you'll enjoy the erotic thrills and excitement. It's a win-win because even the losers get to experience heightened arousal and seduction pleasure.

the cards are a handy 6.25” x 3.75” x .75”/16 cm x 9.5 cm x 2 cm size and are ideal for first-time and experienced users alike. They're perfect for intimate exploration wherever you go!

Includes: One deck of Strip Poker Cards, One deck of Strip Poker Clothing Cards and One Rule Booklet.