Cal Exotics Touch Me Erotic Card Game

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Get ready to tease and tantalize your partner with the Cal Exotics Touch Me Erotic Card Game. This little raunchy adult game is designed for 2 adult players. It basically involves testing your memories and secret desires to earn sexy, provocative rewards. You can play this arousing and exciting game to enhance foreplay and continue the pleasure long after the game is over.

Touch Me includes three card decks (54 cards in total) and a rule booklet. This game of seduction involves some rubbing, touching, caressing and massaging to create a sensual massage experience. You'll take turns flipping the cards and following the very sexy and suggestive instructions. Next, your memory will be tested for secret desires in order to earn the hands-on pleasure of three different levels of stimulation intensity.

Cal Exotics Touch Me Erotic Card Game is a racy card game that is the perfect entertainment for a romantic date night in. All you need to do is dim the lights, play a little soft music and shuffle the cards while the anticipation for sensual massage fun builds. What's not to love about earning erotically seductive encounters as your reward for playing?  Just use your imagination and let go of inhibitions as you playfully explore each other’s bodies. This thrilling and intimate game is suitable for new lovers and established couples who are yearning to explore and upgrade to tantalizing orgasmic ecstasy. You'll reap super hot rewards with this game whether you win or lose the game. Let's play!