Crazy Girl Flirty Body Mist with Pheromones

Crazy Girl

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Crazy Girl Flirty Body Mist with Pheromones is a light and refreshing body mist that provides a subtle, sexy fragrance that will inspire a little mischievous behavior and tantalize the senses of everyone around you. It's paraben-free, made with a non-alcohol base and skin nourishing ingredients. It won't sting after shaving and it even helps moisturize & keep your skin soft. It's also infused with pheromones to enhance sex appeal and formulated with essential extracts to sensualize skin. Generously spritz this spray-on sensuality and captivate in true diva style! 

Three scents to choose from! 
Sugar Bomb - Sassy and flirty with sweet peony & sultry musk. 

Pink Cupcake - Smells like a freshly baked cake. 

Pretty Plumeria - A provocative blend of Hawaiian Plumeria petals.

1 fl oz.