Creative Conceptions Sex Marks the Spot Game

Creative Conceptions

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Create a very hot and steamy date night in with the Creative Conceptions Sex Marks The Spot Game. It is literally the ultimate pleasure map! All roads in this thrilling board game lead to romance and raunchiness. The aim of this game is to navigate across a grid that is filled with erotic surprises and very sexy suggestions, while always trying to be ahead of your partner. You'll pick up Xs and Os in your quest to unlock your favorite fantasy. Each square will reveal a little more as you both explore each other like never before. The grand prize is an orgasmic finale in a game where pleasure is the ultimate treasure. 

Game Includes: 

* 30x Forfeit Cards - 180 sexy challenges spread over 6 categories. 
* 30x Sex Cards - sexy scenarios for steamy in-game action! 
* 50x Score Sheets (in pad) - the key to your hidden pleasure! 
* 1x Fold Out Game Board - the pleasure map to navigate your naughtiness. 
* 2x Playing Counters 
* 2x 8-Sided Dice 
* 1x How To Play Guide