Doc Johnson Good Head Kit for Him

Doc Johnson

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The Doc Johnson Good Head Kit for Him provides all the essential oral sex tools to transform an average encounter into an unbelievable one. Everything you need to increase his pleasure in the oral department is right here.

The flavored Good Head lip balm will keep your lips soft and in prime below the belt kissing. The delicious mint Good Head Oral Gel tastes so good you won't want to come up for air and will probably want seconds and thirds. When you put one of the Oral Sex Mints mints in your mouth they will unleash a tingling frenzy that will increase his sensitivity. And when you slip on the stretchy, disposable vibrating love ring on him, or even over your palm, you'll watch him soar into new heights of ecstasy. There's even a Good Head Tips Card included which includes ideas for some new tricks. 

Kit includes 1 Oz. Mint flavored Good Head Oral Gel, 5-Pack of IntiMints oral sex mints, .18 Oz. Flavored Good Head Lip Balm, Vibrating love ring (1 cell battery included), and a Good Head Tips Card.

Vegan Friendly, Body-Safe, Proudly Made In America