Erotic Massage For Couples

Sylvia Patterson


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Erotic Massage For Couples by Sylvia Patterson is a very comprehensive manual that is really an invitation to discover the secrets of erotic massage for couples to learn how to arouse and gratify each other. You'll learn step-by-step techniques through hundreds of color photos that will show you how to unleash amazing new sensual experiences onto your partner. Even the slightest touch of our hands on our partner can have marvelous effects. Let go by putting yourselves in your lover's hands and awaken your bodies to endless possibilities of extraordinary sensations. 

This is a comprehensive and practical book that also includes:

- A guide to the points of greatest pleasure

- Advanced techniques for couples

- Homemade recipes for massage oils

- Aromatherapy to awaken the five senses

- Bedroom feng shui

-Tricks to convert your bathroom to a spa

- Aphrodisiac dishes and beverages

- Automassage techniques...and much more!

Hardcover, 192 pages 

Category: Massage

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