Fat Boy Stretchy Penis Extender

Perfect Fit

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The Fat Boy Stretchy Penis Extender is perfect for men looking for a snug fitting toy that gives them extra girth and incredible sensation for both partners. The insanely stretchy material adds noticeable thickness to the penis. It's easy to get on and off and it stays in place by attaching to the scrotum with the opening on the bottom. This also gives a pleasing tug on the testicles. The Fat Boy isn't hard like some other products  on the market. It's made of a materical blend called Silaskin which is a mix of Silicone and TPR. It gives it an unbelievable stretch factor which makes it a very popular sex toy. 

Works best with lubrication used on both the inside and outside. Safe to use with all lubes. After lube application, simply pull extender over penis and remove air from the tip. Slip scrotum through the smaller hole at the bottom to secure the extender in place. 

You can also use Extender on toys or fingers to make them softer and bigger. 

Wash product with soap and water before and after use.