GLYDE Maxi Condom Large Fit


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GLYDE condoms are Australia's #1 choice. It's the first certified Ethical & Fair Trade condom brand, (no animal by-products, no animal testing). They use a proprietary plant-based formula of thistle extract and natural rubber latex.  A patented ‘double dipping' technology creates extra sheerness with complete reliability. They also use a 'double wash' to help eliminate the unappealing odor and tast found with other condom brands.

This condom is crafted for performance and comfort. It delivers a sensational experience to both partners. GLDE Maxi provide an ultra sheer sensation and they have more room than a conventional Large or XL condom measured from the inner, not outer circumference, giving a little more breathing room.

Shape: Straight with resevoir tip 

Length: 8.07" (205mm)

Base width: 2.2" (56mm)

Thickness: .0023mm

 No risky chemicals, no casein, talc, parabens or spermicides


Ultra-thin latex (low odor) 

 Electronically tested - exceeds global requirements for strength and resilience

 Certified Ethical & Vegan by the Vegan Society 

Non-GMO fair trade natural rubber 

FDA and CE approved

Category: Large Fit