Kama Sutra Feel Me Erotic Play Kit

Kama Sutra

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The Kama Sutra Feel Me Erotic Play Kit is an erotic playset featuring a Kama Sutra branded spanking crop, 3 sensual body products and a set of 12 Kama Sutra Play Cards. The Play Cards include 10 Kama Sutra position cards and 2 "Wild Cards" with tips and tricks about how to incorporate the included products into the game.

This collection of sexy products is perfect for anyone wanting to try some new adventures in the bedroom but aren't quite sure where to start. Lovers who already like to experiment in bondage play will also enjoy the beautiful products. The playing card game is also great for couples who are curious about learning how to master different sex positions. 

This is one of four limited-edition play-sets. Collect all of them! Suprise Me, Trust Me



SPANKING CROP smooth spanker with wrist strap

12 KAMA SUTRA PLAY CARDS for hours of erotic entertainment with your lover

OIL OF LOVE Vanilla Crème (22 ml): kissable, warming foreplay oil

PLEASURE BALM Spearmint (3.5 ml): kissable, cooling body gel

LOVE LIQUID Classic (30ml): personal, water-based lubricant