LELO Sona Clitoral Massager


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The LELO Sona Clitoral Massager is unlike any clitoral stimulator you've ever owned. This is a sonic clitoral massager, which means it doesn't vibrate like a conventional sex toy. This little gem uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris contact-free. It even reaches the parts you don’t see! 

Have you ever been to a club and stood next to a big speaker? You know those sensations that run through your body when standing next to it? Well, that is exactly what this is....in a palm-size, whisper quiet and discreet version for your clitoris! The sonic waves that are emitted stimulate 75% more of your clitoris than a typical vibrating stimulator. And even better yet, since it doesn't need to have direct contact with your clitoris, you can use it for multiple orgasms without the discomfort sometimes associated with a vibrating product. 

SONA has eight different exhilarating settings, so you can find the one that is perfect for you. The quiet motor is only as loud as a refrigerator's hum (50dB max), so it is perfect for those who need discretion. There is a three button interface which has been designed to make it easy to use and quick to operate, even in the dark! Feel your way...

SONA is 100% waterproof and watertight (even at the charging socket) because of the single-piece design of premium silicone. It is easy to clean and velvety soft to the touch. You can take it the bath, shower, or even the hot tub. 

Comes is a sexy black box that is practically a sensual ritual to open. It's like a celebration of pleasure! It's the ultimate expression of indulgence and utter excitement. Share this experience wisely, often, and with care. 

Rechargeable. USB charging cable included. One hour of charge equals one hour of pleasure. 

Dimensions: 5.90" x 2" x 2.20" (115 x 50 x 56mm)