LifeStyles SKYN Elite Condom Standard Fit


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LifeStyles SKYN Elite is the next generation of condoms. It is engineered with the latest technology for a truly intimate sexual experience. Made out of SKYNFEEL material, this condom is soft, comfortable and as strong as premium latex. It gives you the most natural fit and feel. You will experience incredible sensitivity that will virtually allow you and your partner to feel everything because it is 20% thinner than SKYN Original. This isn't just a condom, it's the closest thing to wearing nothing. 

Shape: Straight with resevoir tip 

Length: 6.69" (170mm)

Base width: 1.92" (49mm)

Thickness: .052mm

 Lubricated with a long-lasting, ultra-smooth lubricant 

Non-Latex - Ultra-thin SKYNFEEL material -synthetic solysoprene 

Category: Standard Fit