Max 4 Men Exciting Arousal Male Sex Pleasure Gel

Max 4 Men

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Maximize sex and increase arousal with this smooth gel. The Max 4 Men Exciting Arousal Male Sex Pleasure Gel increases penile arousal for exciting sexual pleasure. It produces a stimulating, cool-warm tingle sensation for sexual arousal and excitement. It's formulated with powerful ingredients known to arouse the penis and increase male libido. Provides maximum satisfaction for all men.

To use, simply apply a few drops topically to penis head and shaft. Always check for product sensitivity first with less product. 


- L-Arginine - Amino acid that helps the muscles in the penis to relax which allows for increased blood flow causing increased engorgement of the penis.
- Niacin (Vitamin B3) - Creates sensations of tingling and warmth for excitement.
- Menthol (peppermint oil) - Relaxes the muscles in the penis to increase blood flow and creates a cool/warm tingle sensation.