Passion Pomegranate Bath Salts and Suggestion Cards

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Heat things up in tub without even using hot water! The Passion Pomegranate Bath Salts and Suggestion Cards set by Kheper Products includes 5 oz. of bath salts and 5 romantic suggestion cards. They can be used in the bath tub or hot tub. The sexy cards are waterproof and they offer fun and intimate ideas for ways for you and your lover to enjoy sharing a sensual, warm bath together. The recommended bath salt usage amount is 1 ounce, so there are enough for 5 baths. The salts are hot tub safe too, so fun can be had in any size tub! 

5 oz. Pomegranate Bath Salts

5 Waterproof Suggestion Cards 

Bath Salt Ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Parfum (Pomegranate), Cl17200