Sensuva XO Kisses and Orgasms Pleasure Kit


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The XO Kisses and Orgasms Pleasure Kit makes more than 100 spine-tingling, toe-curling, heart-pounding, shake-the-bed and wake-the-neighbors "OHHH MY" moments possible. This sexy kit includes two (2) full-size containers of the best-selling products from Sensuva, plus a handy litte kissing guide as a bonus.

The ON Arousal Oil for Her is a shockingly powerful arousal oil that vibrates and buzzes for her pleasure. It also supports personal lubrication and is menthol free. Strawberry X On the Lipz Buzzing Lip Balm with Pheromones turns your lips into a vibrator and will transfer a tingly kiss to your lover's lips. All you need to do is add your own sweet talk and smooth moves to this kit.