Sex and Mischief Whip and Tickle


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The Sex & Mischief Whip and Tickle has a thin and flexible 16" rod that unites the sublime pleasures of whisper-soft feathers with the playful tickle (or sting) of rubber tails. Together they produce a wickedly romantic way to explore intimate sensations.  This is the perfect combination of soft and sexy with pink/white or black/white detailing.

Pair this toy with a glass of seductive wine, your favorite lingerie ensemble and some dirty talk for some naughty play. Need more inspiration? Here are a few ideas for some sexy games:

Naughty Housekeeper: This toy may not be great for dusting, but it's always fun to play "let's pretend" with the soft feather end. Defend the housekeeper virtue with the rubber tails or use them to reprimand poor work habits. 

Violin Bow: Here's another use for your favorite lube. Rub some on the flexible rod and then position it on your partner's back. Stroke it lightly and slowly, back and forth, like a violin bow. Listen to the sweet sound of the music you make together.

Stamina: How about a little game of who can last the longest? First, pick a fun position that you can both do such as lying on a bed or leaning over a chair. Next, take turns teasing each other with playful tickles with the feather and tails to see who gets aroused quicker. 

Made with turkey feather, natural rubber latex threads, ABS plastic and a rubber cap.