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Secret Seduction

You never know when an average evening can suddenly transform into a thrilling encounter. Secret Seduction consists of six products for on-the-go gals who like to carry a healthy notion of optimism along with some essential accessories for enhanced sexiness.

Staring at your cell phone screen with mouth agape is quite unsexy. Yet, the time-tested practice of cracking a book to broaden your mind is a great use of your attention that is not squandered by clickbait and pop-up ads. You can practice your ongoing education about intimate strategies for pleasure by carrying a copy of 269 Sex Tips for Her. When the mood is about to lead to some private fun, you can even dip into this collection of sexy ideas to spontaneously pick a “tip” to try out on your partner right then and there.

Garlic and onions are exquisite when being enjoyed first hand, but that’s pretty much where it ends. Before you pucker up and plant a kiss on your partner, you can freshen up on the fly with a couple squirts of Kissaholic Breath Spray. Sweet and spicy flavors of cinnamon and mint are accompanied by a proprietary blend of Ginkgo Biloba, ginger and other natural elements that actually inspire desire -- acting as a subtle aphrodisiac.  

Speaking of tingling taste buds, you can add a bit of zing to an episode of oral naughtiness with the sugar-free peppermint aroma of Oral Pleasure Mints. These treats are designed to provide freshness for before, during and after the fun.   (No longer included; Discontinued Product)

A woman’s lips are universally regarded as very sexy. When that special someone steps into the picture and you need a bona-fide way to catch their eye, brighten up the supple frame of your smile with a dab of Kama Sutra Lip Fetish. The subtle baby-pink sheen will plump up your pucker with a tingling, sweet sensation.

Ramp up the adventure with a playful pair of Desir Metallique Handcuffs from Bijoux Indiscrets. A partner with a soft bondage fetish will be captivated by the gold-tinted metal mesh.  You'll also adore these accessories because they can also be worn about as jewelry and a secret reminder of what private antics await.

Sometimes the mood for a trip through the pleasure prism is too much to resist, and the occasion calls for the assistance of a faithfully vibrating little friend. The Screaming O Bullet Vibe is compact and discreet, yet powerful enough to zip you to that exquisite place at a silky pace of slow, medium or fast.