The Big Butt Book 3D

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The Big Butt Book 3-D measures 12" x 12". It is in fact a big book! It has a very flirty and intriguing full lenticular cover. It is a tastefully done book that is filled with original black and white photos from vintage and classic nudes that have been converted to anaglyph 3-D. Beautiful butts leap into three dimensional fullness, literaly bulging off the page. Timeless tushies waggle seductively as the reader moves from left to right.

This book contains 110 pictoral masterpieces, many not seen in the original Big Butt Book. Readers will see cover model Alexis Texas as nature intended and be thrilled by Coco in the round. 


3-D glasses included 

372 pages

12" x 12" x 1.25"

7 lbs. (this is a hefty book!)