The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography Vol 4

Maxim Jakubowski

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The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography, Vol. 4 by Maxim Jakubowski is a collection of 440+ color and black & white erotic art photography from 74 leading photographers from the U.S., Europe, and beyond. Featured photographers include Alva Bernadine, Charles Gatewood, Sam Guelimi, Renee Jacobs, Thomas Karsten, Chas Ray Krider, Mike Lawson, Natacha Merritt, Craig Morey, Dave Naz, George Pitts, and John Santerineross, among many others.

Each photographer worked with their favorite model to create this beautiful portfolio of muses. Their erotic portraits bring sensual appeal and enchanting depth. They are sometimes playful, other times dark and provocative, but always captivating. 

448 pages