Tight Fit Condom Sampler

Vibe Wines

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This sampling of the following tighter fit condoms is a great introduction to more size options for men who like a slimmer fit. Condoms are supposed to be comfortable. If your's isn't, you are missing out on pleasure and peace of mind.

Includes one (1) of each of the following condoms: 

GLYDE Slimfit Condom Tight FitLength: 6.69" (170mm), Base width: 1.92" (49mm), Thickness: .060mm

LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condom Tight Fit - Length: 7.09" (180mm), Width: 1.73"- 2.32" (44mm-59mm), Thickness: .07mm

rfsu Mamba Condom Tight FitLength: 6.89" (175mm), Width: 2.01" (51mm), Thickness: .060mm (Out of Stock)

LifeStyles 3SUM Condom Tight Fit - Length: 6.69" (170mm), Width: 1.93" (49mm), Thickness: .07mm