uberlube 2.5 ml Foil Pack


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überlube is a high performance, long lasting lubricant with a fantastic finish. And it'snot just a lubricant because this product loves your whole body. It can be used for sex, style and sport! It's uniquely designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction and it feels very natural. It does the job while in use and dissipates across the skin leaving a soft, moisturized feel.

This formula is scentless, tasteless, non-staining and it is latex safe so you can use it with condoms. It is formulated to not harbor outside yeast, bacteria, or mold.  

überlube is also used by salons as a brilliant smoothing, finishing, and anti-frizz product. Athletes also use it during running, biking and swimming to eliminate chafing. Since it is long-lasting, it can also be used as unscented massage oil. Bonus! 

Formulated from the finest available ingredients including only silicone and vitamin E. It is paraben-free and 3rd party batch-tested to ensure quality standards. This high tech lube is the result of hundreds of iterations of formula and years of extensive field-testing.

American made by überlube in Chicago.

2.5 ML foil packet 

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